The Buck Stops Here.

I salute you Buck, a gritty QB with the heart of a Lion, too bad his body didn't get the memo. Hopefully he doesn't suffer down the road. :thup:

Best of luck. A sound decision.

...Warrior through and through....I believe he'll return to the Bombers in some capacity...His wife and business are there so most likely...Maybe take on a quality control guy something like Dinwiddie in Mont....We'll see :roll:

I don't see why he should be known as a warrior. Maybe a crappy warrior without the judgment to avoid injury or the physical resilience to play through injury? In the past few years, especially, Pierce was the antithesis of a warrior. You breathed on him during a game and he went down, usually not returning for a few weeks.

OK, if you want to be precise, he was a samurai whose code of bushido permitted no retreat or surrender; he wasn't a guerilla. :wink:

Fixed for you. :wink:

Good luck to you Buck. Hope to see you around the game in some capacity.

Interesting that he states moving on to the "next phase of his football career". Must have something in mind or in the pipeline. He never showed much inclination to coach-up the other QB's in Winnipeg. I suspect he will resurface in time in the Lions organization. Winnipeg seemed like such a rough experience playing wise but he does have ties there and for the most part is highly respected by the public there.
And I think it's absolutely unfair of those who ridicule him for his injuries. I think most level headed followers of the game do not do this.

The guy loved to play.

I first saw him play in 07 in regina when SK gooned Dickenson out of the game..BC went on to pound em 42-12 that day :rockin:

I'll miss watching him but I crinched many a time watching him get pummelled. All the best Buck to you in the future.

A true warrior, good luck to Buck.

[b]Boys boys! Must you two always be fighting? Well Disciplineandpunish? Ploen_truth?

Come on now you guys…. shake hands and make up. :thup: [/b]*KzHSjosCqbwrIp1GIQ4O/227767RoyaltyFreeRFClipartIllustrationOfYellowSmileyFaceEmoticonsHugging.jpg

Good player….could have been great if he hadn't had the misfortune of owning a body in the Jesse Lumsden mold.

Loved watching him play earlier in his career. Scared to death for him and held my breath every time he got hit in the later years.

Your passion for the game will be missed…..or will it? I hope you latch on in some capacity in the CFL.

Until then, thanks for the memories.