The Buck stops here!

:cowboy: Buck Pierce may be the best thing that happened to the Lions. He is more mobile than old Dickenson and his arm seems more accurate. Who needs Casey Printers!!!

The Lions got some breaks but looked very good. Now, what was that Western team that beat them. Let's see- oh yeah the Riders!!!!
Riders Rule
Bombers Drool :rockin:

Buck looked very sharp tonight and I don't think there is a CFL fan out there who doesn't agree that Buck will be a starter in this league at some point in the near future, but it certainly helps his development playing with a great teacher in DD.

like the title, but why are you trashing the BBs?

I think in the Ottawa expansion draft, we're going to have to protect Buck, and not Dave.

that would be a good dicision IMO, since DD is so injurt prone.

I would love to see that happen and have him just rip it up with Ottawa.

As hard as that hurts to say that, I have to agree. If we can groom Buck for that Starters job, we could trade Dickenson to a team next year that needs a QB...Like Winnipeg! :wink:

As much as I like Buck, no way you expose DD to the dispersal draft. Even if he wasn't picked he could never play for the Lions again...with the rug pulled out from under him. You go with the sure thing, and that's Dave.

The Lions can win with Dave and he's our starter. If we can only protect one QB, then Buck and Jarius would be exposed. If Buck went on to play great for Ottawa,so be it. I'd wish him all the best...just not when he's playing the Lions! :wink:

Buck would also be insulted with the Lions jetisoning Dave in his favour. Buck admires the way Dave plays and controls the game and has said he has helped him immeasurably in his development over the past year and a half...

I know Id be protecting Dave. Geez Bucks
had a couple good games and already he's the
greatest thing since sliced bread.

Guys barely been tested.

If Dickenson could ever finish a season, I might agree with you, but we need someone who's young, and Pierce has been playing like a Dickenson clone. So, I'd rather see us protect Buck, who can be here for the next 5 years, than protect DD who will be retired within 2 or 3.

Yeah, I would agree with hwgill. As much as I like Dickenson, and as much as he is a great starter, he is injury prone. (Look at all the non-beleivers who picked BC back in May to finish last in the West) Pierce and Dickenson have been working together, traveling from their homes to the practice field together. I think Diickenson has been tutoring him well. I think rather than exposing Dickenson, BC would trade him at the end of the season to a team that needs a starter (Winnipeg). That way they would get something for losing a Quarterback.

I agree with Eskylo, Pierce has not yet proven himself over time nor as a starting quarterback for that matter (he didn’t exactly light the Bombers or Edmonton up in his starts). On the other hand, Buono was quoted as saying that he thought Pierce is a better quarterback right now than Garcia was at a comparable point in his career. One way or the other, it will be a tough choice. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this season plays out for these two.

does anyone here really think BC would trade Dickenson to a division rival, Winnipeg, who can burn them in the playoffs?...C'mon!

i think alot of people here are forgetting, the bombers had thier o-line badly injured in that second game against the Als...they really havent been the same since, cuz then glenn took alot more hits which caused his injury.

would BC really trade DD to them, cuz next year the bombers will be 100% healthy again, and with DD, they'd be contenders and more capable of bouncing the lions in the playoffs.

they would rather him go to Ottawa, in a different division, where he can only burn them badly, if they somehow meet in the grey cup game....i dont think they'd care if dickenson can beat them in a reg.season game or two, but not the playoffs.

maybe BC should talk to the new ottawa GM and only make DD available in the draft if ottawa assures them they'd take they dont hurt DD's feelings if they made him available then ottawa didnt take him.

buck pierce is a career backup, people better realize he is good as a short-term replacement, you guys better not hype him up like the next anything, he is a good relief Qb, but dont expect more.

If you think that, you have not been paying attention to his playing, and play-making.

Thats okay drummer, I'm just teasing the Winnipeg posters because they seem to like all of our Q.B's that have played with us.

Pierce has done well. It would be great to have both him and Dickenson 1 more year together so that DD can tutor the kid one more year. But if it comes down to protecting numbers in the draft, I might be willing to roll the dice.