The Buck Stops Here!!! Part 2

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Why the Lions and the Bombers just didn't do a joint press conference to make this more classy ?
I'm sure a CIS coach would know a lot more about being a runningback coach. But atleast Pierce is involved in the local community. what could Pierce possibly know about being a coach? Probably as much as Dimwitte, Jermain Copeland, Kavis Reed, Ed Hervey, Trey Junkin or Oshea... etc...JACK SQUAT!!!!!... why the CFL refuses to hire coaches from it's own farm system (CiS, CJFL) is completely beyond me. yOU HAVE PERSONEL THAT HAS BEEN COACHING FOR YEARS, BUT THE cfl HIRES FORMER PLAYERS OFTEN OUT OF POSITION...lIKE dID oSHEA cover kicks on special teams? something tells me he didn't quite have the speed for that... Now he is a HC.. you gotta be kidding me!!!! Atleast he is Canadian, but he is going to fall flat on his face... Good luck to Oshea and Buck nonetheless

Me thinks Bucko is not 100% done playing. $60,000 as a coach or ???????????????

Much like Dave Dickenson who was hired as the Stamps running back coach when he retired. I guess learning the science behind the running game has helped DD in the transition from QB to assistant offensive coordinator? :smiley:

QBs and RBs share the same vision on the field too, having to figure out the D alignment or where a blitz may be coming from and where to direct his blocking, where a QB expects a RB to release to, etc. Plus who better than having an ex-QB to work with RBs on hand off and receiving drills. I think it's a pretty good introductory coaching position, aside from something like a quality control guy like Dinwiddie was for the Als last year.

Mr. Bungle, the bombers did hire from the CIS ranks - Pat Tracey, a Queen's coach with ties to Walters and O'Shea back in their CIS days was named the ST coach. And if you look at their football ops department, it's heavily Canadian - HC O'Shea, OC Marcel B, WR coach Markus Howell, ST coach Tracey, GM Kyle Walters, DB coach Nelson Martin.

I'm not sure whether O'Shea covered kicks on special teams has any bearing on him being a good coach. It's about understanding the CFL game and being able to be creative, able to teach, and able to make good good decisions on the field on game day. Even if he never played special teams, he was a good ST coach with the Argos. When Barker was HC with the Argos, he had some innovative plays built into the ST book that worked out well. That creativity was stifled a bit under Milanovich, but he was still a good ST coach. Now he's parlayed that into his first HC gig. Who cares what position they played? By that reasoning, guys like Hufnagel and Milanovich shouldn't be head coaches because they were QBs and so what do they understand about playing defense or special teams?