imppressive game for Buck! despite the score tonight, he showed he can get the ball down field most times,take a hit, read the play, and trow the ball away instead of force it! all things you want your QB to do! Offense stepped up defense stepped up! one more turn and were dialed in to win as long as we can hang on to that ball! and as long as buck stays healthy may may squeeze a spot in the western final! i still keep the faith in my team! GO LIONS!

Even though they lost in Montreal, Bucks been very steady in both Montreal and Hamilton games. I think he is starting to find his groove.

The Lions need EVERYONE to be in their "Groove" on Saturday against the Riders.

Im looking for a passing game that sets up the run on Saturday. Im all smiles when I imagine Logan or Roberts getting to the Second Level and making moves on DB's who are deep in pass coverage. I CANT WAIT!!! This is the most anticipated back to back match in a while for me!