The Buck is back - should we be worried?

Good article in the Post about the health of Buck Pierce. Will he become the first QB ever to bounce back from a dislocated elbow? Will he lead the Peg to the top of the East this year?

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Worry? A little, will he lead the peg to the cup? Its possible but first he will have to get thru 18 games..


And 18 games, 1 game at a time. :wink:

No. He's not that good when healthy, and you know, he's rarely healthy.

Winnipeg fell in love with him after that first game, they forget that it happened to be the ONLY game he won in 5 starts last year.

Honestly? As an opposing QB, Jyles scares me more than Pierce does.

Re : elbow. This time last year they said he was "back" from concussion problems he had in BC. Then there's that knee.

HAM isnt the team that should be worried here.

I think Buck has some talent but I have never really seen him do incredible things. Doesn't scare me in the least. One guy on the rise that is starting to be a threat is Lulay in BC. I only have to worry about him when they play Hamilton since BC is my 2nd team.

Despite their poor pass protection, which didnt get better over the off season by the way, even an avg. QB in WPG can be dangerous because their rec. corps and RB are so great.

But Pierce simply isnt durable and the drop off in effectiveness to whomever after he gets hurt is big. WPG's first priority should have been to get a veteran backup instead of dumping Jyles and gambling . WPG is really rolling the dice here.

Yes they are rolling the dice, zontar, but I think it was the right move (trading Jyles). They got a first round pick for the guy, after all.

That said, I was really impressed with Joey Elliot last season, so when Buck goes down, I think their offence will be in good hands; I can see Elliot being a star in the CFL for many years to come. Whether I'll be proven right or wrong, time will tell.

Caveat. . . this is posted by the same guy who predicted very bright futures as CFL starting QBs for Rocky Butler, Marcus Brady, and Stanley Jackson, and we all know how that turned out (as Mrs MadJack constantly reminds me).

Elliot also got hurt behind that line as did Jyles.
But what were the priorities for WPG in the offseason ?
Draft and sign every CDN humanly possible even if they cant start. And blow big money on the likes of washed up Obie Kahn and Johnathon Hefney (who's already vowed to bolt to the NFL at his earliest convenience) but cheap out on usefull OL FAs like Hudson and Gauthier
They have so much riding on the health of their QB to exploit the good receivers yet do little or nothing to ensure his protection.

Pierce will be 30 this year, so not much time to relly get established as a consistent, productive and winning QB.

BTW, the Blue Bombers' website shows 18,800 seasons tickets sold! :thup: Hopefully the high priced NHL tickets won't affect the Bombers' gate the next few years.

With the way the TiCats D is shaping up.. BUCK should be worried about HAMILTON

We can only hope Buck comes back to be named the starter in Winnipeg. Guarantees another failed season for them when he goes down withing 5 games

There are still more than two weeks left before the Bomber season ticket deadline of June 23, Bell noted.

"We’re eager to see where that number will close. It’s been a long off-season and we’re looking forward to what the 2011 season will bring,? he said.

The 2011 ticket sales could be a sign of growing optimism for the team, which has made a number of signings on the off-season and has a healthy returning QB in Buck Pierce.

Or, it could be that fans who buy season tickets in 2011 are guaranteed a comparable seat in the team's brand new stadium, set to open in 2012.

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Have I missed something or is there a whole lot of money floating around in Winnipeg these days. 31,000 plus season ticket holders between the hockey team and the football team that seems impressive to me though I agree with others that Buck will struggle to get through 18 games healthy.

Until teams start to lose. Then they stay away. They're really no different then any other fan base.

Given they just broke their old season ticket sales record it seems the good bummer fans aren’t worried.

Winnipeg has a fairly stable economy: agriculture, insurance, rail, government.

I wonder how much of the increased interest is due to the new stadium.

I 'll bet it does have something to do with it, and that's why I'm a little miffed at only a 25,000 seater for Hamilton. I'm a firm believer that a new stadium, anywhere in Hamilton, will result in a permanent increase in attendance due to the modernity of the facility in sharp contrast to the archaic qualities of IWS, beautiful as she is.

You are a big part of why the stadium is what it is Jimmy. You and all of the rest of the obstructionists that only want to spend money in the core