The brutal tackle that changed the face of football

The brutal tackle that changed the face of football

Great read here about CFL Eskimos Johnny Bright

The journey that changed the face of football forever started with one player from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Johnny Bright’s courage, determination, and perseverence on the gridiron led to monumental changes in equipment and rules.
From Central High School phenom all the way to the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame, Bright left an unforgettable legacy on sports and American history. It was a series of brutal, racist tackles he endured during his college years where he would end up securing protection for generations of future athletes.


Another great story of a CFL legend worth more exposure on a larger platform .

Like many Esks of that era Johnny stayed in Edmonton after he quit playing. He became a principal at a large high school, coached HS football and basketball.

He died young, in his early 50’s, while undergoing knee surgery for his football injuries in the early 80’s. Was a tremendously charismatic and respected guy in E.

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Hmmm…just doing a bit of research on JB.
He was 1st rd pick for Philly but came to Canada instead. He would have been the first black player for Philly but didn’t think he’d be treated well.

He first came to Canada in 1952 to play for Stamps for 2.5 years years before being traded to EE . He played both ways as LB and fullback for many years. He was an ex QB as well and could throw pretty well too

Was the CFL top career rusher before George Reed took over that title. Retired in 1964.
As mentioned before he died at 53 in 1983 while undergoing knee surgery from football injuries.

an amazing career.