The Bright Side

1st Pick overall

Anyone know who's who on the Radar? Or have Insight to who should be on the Riders Radar ?

I still like OL Ben Heenan from U of S even if he gets a look down south. DB Warren McCall from U of S I believe is rated in the top ten. A big strong RB like a Messam or Cornish would be nice, too, or a big rangy receiver. A top notch Canadian linebacker wouldn't hurt either, as Mike McCullough can't last forever and we need more depth there.

I agree with Rob...Ben Heenan should be the pick. RBs can be picked up without using the 1st overall pick...might not be a NI, but that is ok. Their second pick should be either a DB or a LB...depending on what happens with Freeman and Simpson.

Also, bringing Ben on has an additional upside of selling a pile of extra merchandise.

The Rider store was packed for every home game this season, merchandise isn't a problem although this guy is probably really good lol only example that I saw a team draft a player for the sake of filling seats was the Carolina Panthers drafting QB Cam Newton 1st overall, probably not the top player in the draft but he's an exciting player.

the riders glorious sales have only been about a 5 year trend...high sales were in part due to a team that had...well...sucked, fo the most part, for a few decades. You get a good club together and sales had better sore. However, they have over branded, and sales I guarantee will be way down over the next 2 quarters. Season ticket sales saving grace for next year is that the club will host the GC the following year, so they don't want to risk giving up season tickets...a wise move, and good timing to be hosting if things are not turned around for next year.

If you think for 1 second that they would not brand the hell out of the #1 draft from the CIS, from Saskatchewan, playing for the Rides you are fooling only yourself. His first few years of salary could be paid for in merchandising.