The Brick Field at Commonwealth Stadium

Naming rights just announced by the Eskimos , nice boost in finances for them I would guess . Five year deal.

I like how they don't completely throw away the old names while still adding naming rights. Same with Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. Leaves a bit of charm.

Stadium looks fantastic, btw :rockin:

Lots of hilarious jokes on rider fans about this.. :lol:

Bill Comrie is a piece of shit. He's the scum that sold the Lions to Nelson Skalbania.

I am sure the players will enjoy playing on a brick field :slight_smile:

I was wondering why it took so long to get naming rights while other CFL stadiums have had names for a number of years. Calgary and BC next?

I can see the headlines when the Eskies lose a game - "Thick-as-a-brick coaching decisions doom Eskies in this affair". :smiley:

But yes, always good to see naming rights like these for the stadiums in the league. :thup:

It is always good news when a team can get a major sponsor.

Exactly! The extra cash made from this will hopefully help offset the costs of the few upgrades they Eskimos made to Commonwealth over the last month (LED ribbon, new Wall of Honor banners in the concourse and Coors party zone).


someone I know suggested "The Brick Yard" instead of the Brick Field. It seems to sound better

He did a great job owning the Lions. He spent good money wisely, hired good people and put a contending team on the field. He gave Vancouver a quality product but after a fairly tale championship year the fans rewarded him with a DROP in season ticket sales. He did his damndest to run that team properly like a viable business - not a money-vacuum charity or a circus side show - as it SHOULD have been and deserved to be. But because the league and it's marketing department at that time was suffering from a rectal-cranial inversion it was not possible to run a CFL franchise as a viable profitable business. So rather than bust his ass to lose money he put it up for sale and the league introduced him to Skalbania and the commissioner and the board got what they deserved - Skalbania.

Funny thing is, by 1997 the league realized that what they needed to do was stop trying gimmicks and start giving fans a quality product at a fair price. As soon as they started that, things almost immediately turned around. Quality product at a fair price was EXACTLY what Comrie was offering to Vancouver three years previously.

Eventually the Lions were saved by Braley through - let's not kid ourselves - pure philanthropy, by funding the teams millions of losses from his own pocket until the league's new direction was able to take root and gain momentum. Personally I thank Mr Braley from the bottom of my heart for this, but I do not and can not bring myself to fault ANYONE, let alone Mr Comrie, for not being willing to fund a sick business with millions from his own pocket just so that some of us diehards can keep watching football.

No, "The Brickyard" is the name of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you need to be original. It seems to sound better" because the name has been around for many years.
It's not a bad name, "Brick Field".
Seems that "field" is popular now, BMO Field, Tim Hortons Field.
Ottawas has TD Place Stadium what about "Brick Place Stadium" ?

It'll take some time to sound right. Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field took quite a while to sound okay, and a lot of people still just call it Taylor Field. I'm sure there will be many people that will always call it Commonwealth Stadium. I still call it Skydome in Toronto.