The bottom of the Grey Cup

Perhaps a little plaque that states:



A removable plate commemorating that year’s edition of the Championship. Could be the “106 Grey Cup” logo you see on TV, could be fancier. When you win, you keep the plate when you give up the cup for the next winner.

That is a great idea!

This is a really great idea.

Unrelated question. How long have we been referring to the Grey Cup by its number, like 106. Obviously the 100th was a big deal a few years back. Prior to that, I honestly don’t remember hearing “97th Grey Cup” etc. It was the “2009 Grey Cup.” Wasn’t it?

Seems kind of Superbowl-esque. At least we don’t use pretentious Roman numerals.

how about a pic that shows where you mean and how big the space is.

I think we’ve been numbering them for quite a while, though maybe with less emphasis in the past.

After checking out a site that shows a bunch of Cup tickets, the earliest mention I can find of a number is the 75th. And after that, it wasn’t mentioned every year until the 1990s.

The Grey Cup should have an engraving of the Grey Cup on it, because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like redundancy and everyone likes redundancy.

Good question


Made in Canada

Made in China ;D

Don’t they typically fill the bottom of the Grey Cup with champagne?


I mean it’s politically incorrect these days to drink from strippers’ spike heel pumps…


I thought everyone would know what I was talking about, but I guess not.

never paid attention to it before. I would suggest a maple leaf with a white background.

A treasure map

Like the Stanley Cup it’s getting a little too big . Time to retire some rungs to the HOF .

Would like to see it as it was in the 70’s in size .

Bottom of it should read World Champions of Canadian rules football .

I vote this. Fabulous idea.