The bottom line is we are 0-5..........

despite improvements. If we can find the end zone we can win easily IMO. I don't want to repeat threads bashing Mass, I have hung tough with him but due to our record and slim chance now of making the playoffs
and lack of scoring in my mind you must play Chang and get ready for next year. This team has raw talent and they might as well learn with a raw quarterback all together. Jason will be an excellent back-up no matter where he plays and I hope he stays here to mentor chang's development.

Last nite was a tough one....

I agree that we should use the remainder of this year to continue to improve in all areas and get ready for next year.

Maas and Chang should BOTH play in all remaining games.

Give all our receivers (especially Bauman, who looked great last night) more starts working as a unit.

And keep the D together. In time, they will all be on the same page.

It kills me that we lost another game we probably should have won, but the Bombers have been together longer than our club, and that's a big factor to consider.