The Boring Bowl!!!!

This years version of the Grey Cup should have been called the Boring Bowl especially for the first half of the game but in the end Congratulations to D.J. Flick, Wayne Smith, Corey Grant, Corey Holmes and all the other EX-Ticats on the Roughriders and to the Green Machine for winning the Grey Cup. Eric Tillman and Kent Austin did a great job prior to this season in going after players with CFL experience, not rookies like we did, or trade for vets only to trade them back for nothing in return??? AMAZING!!

Lets just hope Hamilton hires a GM with at least a year or two of CFL experience under his belt and we can get some assistant coaches that offer the same in CFL experience, I can't imagine another year of watching the CATS at a 3-15 record.

Lets get some experience in here boys on the bench and on the field, Go Cats Go in 2008!!!!

Definitely not going to be included in a compilation of best cups ever played. Watching some of the more colourful fans was more entertaining than the game itself at times. Here's to a better year next year.

You got that right. There was very little excitement in that game until the 4th quarter.

I watched the game and maybe not a great, but it was a good game.

The only aspect of the game that was somewhat surprising was that the Bombers under Dinwiddie kept themselves in the game as long as they did. Joseph was less than stellar and did not live up to the MVP accolade, IMO.

Yeah, the most entertainment beside a few big plays, was the security people trying to corral the kids running on the field near the end of the game. With the crowd chanting tasor, tasor. lol

LOL I wanted to sign that first kid. He really had the moves.

In general I found alot of games this year boring. Especially when two eastern teams met. We had very few exciting games to watch this year and the argos well they were even worse to watch. Alot of games started out fine but there was too many flags thrown throughout the game etc etc and killed all momentum at times it felt like i was watching basketball. Call the nfl no fun league if you will but at least theyve provided me with enteraining games week in and week out. things need to change in this league and get back to the roots and make it exciting ball to watch