The "Boreham Identity "

Great to see a kicker who actually runs down the field AND makes great tackles AND recovers kicks etc.....not surprising really when you remember that JB is first and foremost a FOOTBALL PLAYER who happens to kick.
Don't forget that JB was a running back/defensive back in high school and then All Canadian at safety in the CJFL and the CIS. Good on ya Jamie....keep it up! What a difference a new team makes and a coach that allows his players to PLAY!

im actually surprised at how damn good Jamie's been. When I found out he was going to be the punter I was alittle concerned, he was ran out of Hamilton last year because of his awful punting, but then again its Hamilton.

The past few years in Hamilton Ive loved his style on the kickoff, he hits like a safety. That was a pretty good trade/pickup for the riders.

AFAIK, He was run out of hamilton for place kicking not punting.

Riders tried him as a placekicker in preseason, and he proved to be as inconsistant as always. I think if he had had a good game, luca would have been gone in order to dump a salary.

BTW, he was great to watch in CIS as a safety. He looked bulky for a safety (little lone a kicker), but he got the job done, made INT's and big hits.