The Booth Guys

I am getting really annoyed about how much talking most of them do, going on and on about this or that, specially during life play. During the play, that's the only thing that should be talked about. I also do not feel the need for so much petty info about each player. Its ok to have a few seconds here and there of down time with only commenting on a players history for 15 or20 seconds.

I think they are all almost as equally bad.

Also fed up with Suitor's obvious bias in favor of DBs.

Would have to agree.Like the Blue Jay TV announcer throwing out lots of useless information.

Rod Black's nickname is now "The Panel". He's obviously ill-suited to being a play by play man - but his go-to move is discussing reams of useless trivia while the play on the field continues. Nobody at TSN is smart enough (or understands broadcast football) to call Black on this nasty tendency.

Duane Forde clings to his backup color commentator position because at this point its pretty obvious he ain't getting a management spot with any of the CFL teams.

Black usually has strong game openings, mostly well-scripted by TSN directors. Once he's by the game intro its all downhill. TSN/Bell tall foreheads should be able to discern quality by comparing his games to pros like Cuthbert or Gord Miller. Black is really desecrating the games he's involved in (which amounts to approx. 40% of games broadcast)

They are all enough likeable I'd say. :wink:

yeah, I don’t dislike who they are, just how they do the games.

Hard to understand how Black keeps his job when Gord Miller and Derek Walker are available.

As usual, I did enjoy the booth guys.

David Arsenault (during Als games) and Matthieu Proulx (during the other CFL games) have done a solid job as the play by play man, while Pierre Vercheval is insightful and knowledgeable as the colour commentator.

Black is well known as TSN’s “house mope” - he’s on a fixed long-term salary - and over time he’s shown an eagerness to dip his toes into almost everything TSN does:

ie. NBA, women’s hockey, figure-skating, CFL, women’s tennis, Olympics (when TSN gets the rights), and even desk duties.

Being deemed so versatile obviously translates to ability for some of the no-minds who supervise TSN broadcasts. It doesn’t. Black might be decent as a commentator during figure-skating, Olympics, even Grey Cup broadcasts (doing introductions) but he’s lost in space during actual CFL games. The one cardinal rule of a true football play-by-play announcer is #1. Follow the plays on the field, #2. Weave the play into a story. Rod fails on both counts. His play by play is disingenuous and scattered, marred by more “panel like” talk than descriptive moments - - - and as far as a story - he’s failing big-time!

Derek Taylor, the supposed young kid at TSN isn’t getting any younger. The guy did CIS football in Manitoba for over a decade; was a sports fixture on Global and is a stats whiz - but he’s edging over 40 now. Gord Miller is well into his 60s. Black is entering his 60s if he’s not there already - but for TSN tall foreheads it comes down to costs. You got a guy with supposed versatility locked in the basement - he’s on a fixed salary. How could you not trot him out to almost 50% of your CFL product. Its like FREE MONEY!

Gord Miller turns 54 this Thursday. Rod Black is 56.

Yes, thanks for the correction. I confused Gord Miller for Mark Lee - Lee well into his 60s - and another voice who could be utilized on TSN football. Lee isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but he keeps his broadcasts tidy, sticks to calling football and is almost as good as Black for shrieking when witnessing massive gains of 7 yds or more!

An overwhelmingly Canadian accent should be a mandatory prerequisite.

like the Mackenzie boys?

Suitor is the worst! So corny... "for all you kids out there watching...."

if only there were all those kids watching

I agree with Mark Lee . He would be a welcome addition . I like Good Miller as well as some of the radio guys out there doing CFL games .

Most kids are too busy playing their video games to know what a football was even if it hit them in the head. But they sure would know how to call a lawyer…

I haven’t seen anyone under 15 yrs old properly toss a spiral in years.

Just heard a terrible statement from Suitor during the 2nd quarter of the Winnipeg at Montreal game, Friday night. Essentially his comment was condoning a horse collar in preventing a touchdown. He said in that instance, it could be considered a "good" penalty. I don't how a dangerous act that could be very injurious possibly career ending to a player be considered "good".

yeah, that bugs me too. As far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a good penalty. It is always cheating and or incompetence

Suits struggles with football knowledge.

Black struggles without football knowledge!