The Bombers Trade DE Hall??

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers traded CFL Sack Leader DE Alex Hall to Saskatchewan Roughriders for an O Lineman and a draft pick?? Are you kidding me, see link from TSN below. I guess they are in a rebuilding mode that should have started a beginning of the year instead of now.

Maybe the Cats could have made a pitch for the guy?


Will the Cats look to make a trade with the out-of-it Bombers or the almost-out-of-it Eskimos? Jovon Johnson? Glenn January? Christ Thompson? I am guessing that this is not Austin's style.

Pass on Johnson. January, perhaps but he has bounced around a bit. And I didn't know that Christ was making a comeback as a first name :wink: I think I would pass on Thompson as well. Some ballers in the Cats secondary now. They are coming together and I wouldn't want to upset the chi at this point.

If they were to make a deal, I think the Tillman connection would make the Eskimos the most likely trading partner. The trade deadline is just 2 days away -- 4 p.m. EDT, Wednesday the 9th.

Good Canadian offensive lineman are quite valuable in the CFL. Good move by Winnipeg.

Who are you prepared to give up for such proven, high calibre talent?

8) Alex Hall is going to be a free agent at the end of this season, and he intends to give the NFL another try.
   The Bombers have offered him 2 different contract extensions during this season, and Hall has refused them both.

    What is the point of Winnipeg keeping him for the rest of this season then, when they can get something for him now ??

CFL version of an NHL "Rent a Player" deal,nothing more ,nothing less,B.B. salary dump.....end of discussion.
As for us making a trade at the deadline??? NAH!!!! Were good,heading to the play-offs,let's go with who got us where we are in the first place,no need to pick up some other team's trash.