The Bombers stink

Sorry Bomber fans, but any team that play that POORLY against the worst CFL team aint going to make any "noise" in the playoffs.

I'm already looking to next year, to be honest.

Do any of you- even the die-hard Bomber fans that always find a "silver lining"- seriously think that this Bomber team could DEFEAT Montreal in a CFL playoff game (this year's likely scenario) after last night's performance?!

Didn't think so.

The Bombers haven't won a cup in 16 years. Looks like it'll be at least 17 before they have a chance to win another... :frowning:

Hahaha wow buddy, I'm not even a Bomber fan and I think that post is ridiculous. One freaking game and you're writing off one of the more dominant teams in the CFL. They killed the tabbies the week before so they came into the game flat it has happened before. Winnipeg doesn't have anything to worry about....Yet (just wait until labour day and the banjo bowl :slight_smile: )

LOL...Holy crap Jetsin07 :o don't be pushing the panic button yet... The Ti-cats are a lot better than their record says, and you can't go crying in the corner after we lose a football game and say to heck with it. Sure we played crapy, but the team will regroup and move on. Remember this was one game we're still in second place.

You’d think after last year you’d be able to take a loss Jetsin07!Now you know how it feels to put in a backup QB.Yeah the Cats lost last week at home but turnabout is always fair play and also very SWEET!What’s that song"WE’ve only just begun".GO CATS!!!

this guy is not a Bomber fan....he's some kind of troll.....and you better believe Jetsin00 ...Bombers will be in the play-off picture...and you can take that to the bank.. :wink:

this guy predicted the bombers to go 0-18 then after they kept winning he vanished. Now they lose one more game and he is back. There is no way he is an actuall bomber fan.

jeremy, i think hes a bandwagon jumper

Aha ha ha I didn't post this but I disagree just because the cats had a slow start does not mean they are a bad team think again. The problem is never under estimate the team you are playing and treat them with respect.

This Bomber team cannot beat Montreal. And it sure can't beat Montreal in a CFL playoff game.

Which means the Bombers won't win the Grey Cup this year. Nor make it to the Final.

Since so many of you think I'm WRONG (much to my delight and amusement), let's make things interesting.

After seeing the terrible way the Bombers played football against Hamilton yesterday (worst CFL team), I'm so confident the Bombers will once again CHOKE in the playoffs (but every Winnipeg sports teams does though don't they?), that I'll donate a kidney if by some miracle the Bombers DO beat Montreal in the CFL playoffs and make it to the Grey Cup final.

I'll rrrrip it out and SLAP it right on my coffee table! lol

I think that smell is the rotting carcass of the jets :twisted:

Look at his name!
He is a jets fan. Shows how much he know football!

Alright you guys that’s enough.

Be nice to me and stop disrespecting me.

the problem is, you disrespected yourself by jumping off the bandwagon so fast. Assuming you are some degree of bomberfan?

That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard... go save your stupid jets...

and totally insincere, too.

I know you meant it as a joke, Jetsin07

but joking about ripping out your healthy kidney [and wasting it]
when so many people need kidneys transplants to save their lives.

must make someone with a life-threatening failing kidney
or any of their family members feel very, very upset.

the peg is good jus we were ready this time and were on our oline ass during practice to open the run and stretch the defence plus it was unfortunate that they lost glenn so early, maby things would have bin alot closer. either way good game by the cats second time around, better game by the bombers last week against us. touche.

good post

Haven't we heard this type of talk from other sources? Do you think it's a wolf in disguise? Looking at the progress this year, real Bombers fan took the loss as part of the game. A troll would look at it as an opportunity to start a trash session. Just a frustrated person who needs a hug. Where are you Doug Brown?

LeBird said: "Just a frustrated person who needs a hug"

... give me a hug and I'll stop. :slight_smile:

Seriously though... what I saw on Friday tells me this Bomber team doesn't have what it takes to do any damage in the CFL playoffs this year.

I like the Bombers and enjoy going to games, but I'm no die-hard. They've let down Manitoba every year for the past 16 years (soon to be 17), so truthfully I'm very glad I'm NOT a die-hard.

btw I wasn't joking about wanting a hug.

...and the only loser here is JETS 00.. :thdn: