The Bombers need better personnel

The corners are too short;all are poor tacklers;secondary is slow.Coach can only use material he has.QBs are intercept prone & make poor decisions.Thank you for your support :cowboy:

....I liked the 2 o line guys we brought in Jarvis and Knapp...given time these guys can be successful in this league. :thup:

Yes they do.

Lots of work to do in the off season but the first step has been taken (firing Mack) and the second has already begun (bringing in new players). I know it's tough to watch but Rome wasn't built in a day....

So relieved to find out the losing has nothing to do with talent or coaching!

From the Free Press:


"It would seem so right now. But, you know, the gods in Greek Mythology were always changing their mind about who they're going to help, so I'm hoping they change their mind."

......Maybe Tim should put a tin hat on, so he can receive messages from the Greek gods as to when they're going to change their minds to positive with regard to the bigblue .. It could also result in his getting a lead on how to be a competent head coach :roll: :roll:

That Stamps catch was a giant fluke, it's not uncommon in something like that for people to talk about the football gods.

Course, the gods didn't make him take a knee and wait for overtime instead of going for a single and the win.

Never a good sign when mythology provides a viable possibility for an outcome of a game. On a brighter note, Burke may not be much of a head coach but doubt there's many around as well read...... :lol: