The Bombers Defense

I'm watching the 2019 Grey Cup as it's on TSN tonight. As a fan who loves good defense regardless of the team, they were alot of fun to watch in 2019.

Any word on if they've lost anyone from the 2019 season? It looks like they have much or their core returning (Jefferson, Bighill, etc).

Looking forward to some hard fought games against the Bombers this year.

#2 defense in the last season of the CFL

Bombers defense is fine as it is. But how sustainable is it? What happens if one or two injuries occur to a big name player? Can they plug and play?

Absolutely true, and that can be said about every team.

Not the Stamps.

Perhaps not, but cold weather seams to be BLM's kryptonite

Willie J.. I would have to say is the most disruptive player in the CFL.

5-2 in November and 2-2 in Greycups is pretty good, not sure where the idea Bo does not do well in post season comes from

Did not say post season, cold weather is his nemesis

Hey Willie as Alf would say, agree

I would say that is when the cold weather games mostly occur! But if you just mean cold weather in general, I could not tell you what is record is in those games, but I know his overall record is 77-18-2.

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I thought the Bombers defense was "I didn't know, I swear".

DLine is one of if not the best in the league.

Willie, Jeffcoat, Kongbo....they did lose Nevis, but should be just fine
Linebackers still have Biggie & Wilson
DB's they lost Sayles (BC) and Rose (NFL?), and I just herad Maston tore his achillies.....yes, another one. Bombers just traded for Darby from Argos

I can say that was one of the most dominant DLine games I've ever seen, Willie & Jeffcoat were on fire that night.

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Dane Evans looked like a deer in headlights out there.

Hamilton rivals them. I would say Sask but their d line looks average coming in this year just on paper.

Looks like Mercy Maston blew out an Achilles now.. good grief

Yes, as mentioned in my post a few up, that was why they needed to trade for Darby and pick up some experience in the secondary.
Darvin Adams out now too, potentially long term.

Not looking good. As a fan of the league I hate to see any starters go down.