The Bombers can turn the ship around

The way I see's it the mighty blue are making improvements in most area's.The defence is starting to remind me of the great defences of the late 80's early 90's. Good corners great line and expierenced line backers. Glenn will supply more offence, if a few of the men who's job is to catch the ball show more confidence, these guys could explode in the next few games. T martin is a quality back up who will not come in and throw the ball away good on his feet, just taking time to adjust. Wynn should of started but
hopefully we will see him comming off the bench in a 4th quarter lead. Things are comming together,the sun is shinning lets kick ass friday

There IS some sun coming out....let's hope the progress continues and there aren't any Eclipses friday.

whatever floats your boat... :smiley:

I heard a reporter on Mojo 730 in Vancouver who said they ask Daley about Wynn not playing and he says something like we evaluate our players daily and he is number 4. The reporter didn't say if he agreed with that or not. He did say Wynn would be dropped to allow Glenn back on the roster and that it looked like Wynn would be asked to go to the practice roster in his scenario. Didn't get the name of the guy.

They'd do better to trade him than to put a guy like on him on waivers and have him go for nothing.

What I find strange is that others like Buono and the Lions players are effusive in their praise of Spurgeon Wynn and yet Daley sees him as adding nothing. What did Wynn do or say to get the guy that pissed at him or does he want to show himself as the clown of the league when he leaves and comes back to haunt him as he has talent.

The way Tee Martin has played, I'd dump him in a second.

What does he have... a 45% completion percentage and 350 yards in three games?

Face it, Bombers - he sucks!

I hope they put Wynn on the practice roster. You can bet on that another team will snatch him up from there (Methinks MTL, Tor, or Ham). Unless Daley and Taman are idiots they won't do that. They'll probably stash him on injury list or something.

I heard Daley on radio for myself tonight. What is it with losing coaches who have a death wish and act suicidal. He blathered on about how Martin is progressing "normally" wtf that means! If it wasn't so pathetic it would be laughable. Like someone else said on here, Daley thinks playing is the only way to learn QB in the CFL and cited others (no names) who were thrown in the same way when young. Name one: was it Tom Wilkinson, Warren Moon, Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan, oh right, that list is the list of guys at EE who learned while the other guy played ahead of him and oh yeah they had great football careers. I can list lots who played too soon and their careers were short. That for another time.

[quote="Football16"]I heard Daley on radio for myself tonight. What is it with losing coaches who have a death wish and act suicidal. He blathered on about how Martin is progressing "normally" wtf that means! If it wasnName one, Khari Jones

Maybe the bombers need a chance to prove what we can really do on offense...saying that i totally disagree with TEE MARTIN being #2, Wynnshould be #2, Michna #3, Martin Gone (or at least on practice roster). Daley, as much as i dislike him, keeping 4 QB's, not a bad idea, for all of you wondering about Wynn's future in Wpg as of Friday he is on the Injured List with TURF TOE, how the hell does he have turf toe, when he's seen no turf, a good way to hide him. Look for Hamilton (the only team) to take a stab at Wynn, watch Taman get some offensive help for him, i wanna see Wynn in Winnipeg but Daley is to damn stubborn with his QB's and has a lot of faith in TEE. Well it's Friday, i am going to have a few beers before i head to the game.

hankthetank: Are you saying Khari Jones played too soon before learning? If you discounted his time as a back up to Damon Allen in BC then maybe. But I'd suggest the opposite - that his time in BC was a great learning experience as he learned much from Damon . What he lacked was enough playing time.

He is like Wynn - he left BC with the coaches saying he is good enough to start in this league. Different BC coaches said these things about Jones and more recently with Spurgeon Wynn.

thank-god martin is out, but i don't think glenn can do much better, i'd put Wynn in, is he hurt or something right now? Anywho, good luck bombers ill be cheering for ya!

Football16, What I'm saying is Daily does have a point, playing time is essentiall for the QB position, tee has done some watching and alot of peaple thought he would of done more on the field. Wynn might of been a better choice but with Tee's size and talent some times you have to roll the bad it wasn't 7 or 11...and he rolled to many times.