The Bombers are on the Bottom now......

As of right now the Winnipeg Blue Bombers own the longest Grey Cup drought in the league. But don't expect that to last long as we are a major contender and the streak won't last more than one or two more years! Congrats Saskatchewan! Look out in 2008 we are for real!!!!!!!!

one has to wonder though, how well will the bombers do without stegall??

Well, considering they had 2 other receivers over 1,000 yards, I think they'll be fine. It'll hurt them obviously, but it's not like they'll completely collapse.

...I agree, I think they'll come back with a 'mission'....wonder if Milt will return?...maybe a receiver coach or something...

I wouldn't mind seeing that, Red.

You do wonder if he'll return, however, I think he's done.

I definitly do think that had Glenn been in the game, the cup is going to all those hardy Winnipeggers. I was really expecting more from the Riders, and they really just didn't seem to be the break out team that we had seen all season.

But nonetheless the cup is theirs!

Well, when the rest of the pack catch up to our 10 GC's then maybe, but until then.

I want to see Stegall pull a Neidermeyer or Selanne type thing, where he can ease into retirement by taking half the season off and coming back for the second half. this would almost guarentee him the all time yardage, put distance on his TD record, and give him one LAST chance at a championship.

But ya, the Blue should be a contender next year as well. Doesn't seem like much right now though.....

unfinished business, part 7

It’s hard! I’am not feeling to good about the loss right now. But I know we have a solid team,we will compete and we will be a Grey Cup Contender in 08. I would hope that Milt will return but I won’t hold my breath.

BOMBERS IN 2008!!!

I’m sure that the Bombers are hitting rock bottom now, but I suggest that they make the best out of a bad situation. Since they are in Toronto, they should try to locate Kevin Eiben of the Argos and show them how they feel about breaking Kevin Glenn’s arm. Nothing lifts the spirits like a good curb stomping!

At least if (when) Glenn gets hurt next year we don't have to listen to posters saying we are done. I think Dinwiddie has a future in this league.

We'll be fine,LetsGoBlue! Even if Milt packs it in,we'll be in great shape.We'll win the East and next year we'll finish the job!! Don't forget,almost all of our players are under contract unlike most other teams and with the added year of continuity in the coaching end of it we'll win the east and be a major contender.

We are on our way in two thousand and eight!


You think??? Wow, I was impressed with his play considering his lack of experience. His passing stats were better than Josephs', considering. And would have been better had some of the receivers not dropped some catchable balls. I don't even blame him for the interceptions, as the receivers (Stegal for 2 of them) should have anticipated Johnson at their back. Sask had Roberts' number, and he was ineffective. I was impressed with the Bombers' heart, especially the defense. Doug Brown was a warrior out there!...and no I am not a Bomber Fan..

I say Milt comes back for one more year.