The Bomber Fan/Eskimo Fan Bet.

As you may or may not know, a couple Bomber Eskimo fans made a bet in the Winnipeg vs BC thread last week. The deal was for the losing team to don the other teams avatars for 2 weeks and post positively in the winning teams forum.

I would like to welcome to the fold the two newest Bomber fans:

Chief &

Gentleman, please come in here and show off your new avatars. Great game lastnight, feels good to be #1.

........we're waiting chief.....backer@oldclarke has come through....where are you... :roll:

It's my pleasure to Don the Bomber Logo/Kenny ploen for two weeks. I've become a Bomber fan on loan by the Eskies thru/via Fan Free Agency. Chief.. "HELLO".... Personal Jinx :stuck_out_tongue: == Enter Sandman; "I sleep with one eye open" Lyrics by James Hetfield of Metallica. Rock on. :cowboy:

I hope you enjoy your stay in Swaggerville 8)

Backer and Chief if there is ever a time to back out for awhile, it is now because it's not looking good against Montreal at all. WPG should crush BC next week too. Please be back in Eskie form right before the BC game at home though. :slight_smile:

It was a superb performance by Winnipeg indeed, as I think they impressed even their own delusional fans. And seriously who was not happy to see Buck Pierce not get hurt? Who doesn't want to match up with a shot to beat another team's best side? I want Buck Pierce in there as well as any new defensive guys for the re-match now.

Also even I wanted Palardy to make his third kick after shanking the first two, and it was commendable to see the Winnipeg crowd applaud him well and re-assure him with all the teammate support. :slight_smile: That sure would not happen in an awful town like Philadelphia for example.

For sake of good football, except perhaps of course the last second field goal :twisted: , I would think very few want to see kickers miss kicks from 40 yards and less that even amateurs like myself can make with at least marginal reliability :stuck_out_tongue: .

I thought Chief turned down the bet. Did he change his mind?

No, Chief took the bet.

I think the deal was (for me anyway) was to report positive comments in the Bomber forum for 2 weeks. As far as I know; I can still post in the Eskie forum as the bet was about the Don of the other teams Logo. Not sure about Chief's plans.

Yeah business as usual minus the avatar change.

I'm pretty sure it was only Backer who agreed to post in the Bombers forum. Anyway, now that the room isn't spinning anymore, I guess I gotta go find an avatar. God, I think looking at that might make me nauseous again. :stuck_out_tongue:

There you go.

I picked the smallest one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief, you are a good man, Sir.

I'm with you on the horrible hangover I hit the tequila lastnight, against better judgement. I think I was still drunk when I went to my Jets season ticket seat selection appointment today at 10am. My brother drove, thankfully. I got aisle seats with nobody in front of us so I'm pretty happy. The beer concessions and washrooms are 30 second away from the seat!

Good times to be a Winnipegger, maybe you should convert full time? Let me know, I've got the application form ready.

Yeah, no big on that one the main thing is the avatar change. Esks are officially my West Div team and that really blows. Hey it's cool that the Esks are practicing in Winnipeg this week!

It's a class act by the Blue Bomber organization for letting the Esk's use their facility. :thup:

Just the two best teams keeping it real.

It was a bad scene, man. :lol: We drank everything in sight. I think there was just one bottle of Keith's left. I felt like absolutely crap! :lol:

The seats sound good. :thup:

.....WAY TO GO CHIEF....i knew you wouldn't bail....You've also picked a beaut. avatar along with backer....I know that 'imbibing a little over the line' scene...I've done it a few times myself after a few Bomber games the last few years... :wink: