The Bomb Squad!

4-2 record and 2nd in the Eastern Divison has al BlueBomber fans smiling. To me a outsider it's a good thing to know this team is picking up pace against the Als,the game against the cats will be a fun one to watch and i know it wil be a exciting game.

I also do not know if there are any east coast bomber fans out here in Halifax. I guess i feel like the only one....that's right i am going to support your Bombers. So without further ado i say this.......GO BOMBERS.

nothing like waiting to see who is on top before deciding who to root for

Ro133 I am not here to bug anyone ok?

I looking forward to it should be a good game. Cats are a very dangerous team in my books. BB`s will have to be on top of their game.

Fttttt Lucky bombers!

Go Blue! Welcome aboard.

did we just steal a ti-cat fan?

I believe he is a lonely gades fan wondering the streets and wondering what to do next. Then he is hit on the head he then says Hey I should cheer for the bombers!


We take all lonely CFL fans, if you want to cheer for a legendary Canadian football team, welcome 05 we still have room for you to join, you can even bring your pal redwhite with thanks hank, how would I explain all those tattoos I have?.....

You could always wear long sleeve shirts for the rest of your life, if the tattoo is on your forehead, wear pantyhose over your head...just don't do any banking, liqour buying and stay away from 7-11 late at

.....ah yes, the scourge of the intoxicated 18 year old male: the forehead tattoo.......

And they look like they fell face first into a tackle box

..DuckMonk....a welcome supporter and that other guy in the least you guys have the right in-sight to whats' happening in 06....unlike red...and to a certain degree sambo....although i think sambo is finally beginning to see the light...hopefully things will go well tonight in the Hammer and we continue our up-ward climb....and you're right GoBigBlue...bring on the 'bomb squad... :thup: :rockin:

You go Papazoola, the Bombers are like the Borg...resistance is futile....Go Bombers...

...hank you're back....nice to hear from a man in the know....keep er' goin' :rockin:

Ya..good to be back, was on a long vacation, but I did attend the Bombers last home game, my wife had so much fun in section X, she put on a show for everybody..just ask

Milt and the Blue make world news... We are recruting fans from Halifax. It is sure nice to see the Bombers are back.


she was the best thing about the game

welcome duckmonk, we need all the eastern supporters we can get.