The Blue Patch Boys

[b]Blue Patch Boys @ARGOSBMO1

The Argos are heading to BMO.
We the Blue Patch Boys will turn RED into blue.
Goals: Fieldturf by 2018. Lower bowl seats to turn BLUE by 2019.[/b] :D :thup:

The person responsible for this Twitter feed seems as much of a D-bag as the red patch kids.

Great seeing the Oshawa Walmart with Argos gear . Thanks Tangled .

Mole, mole, mole :lol:

Anything that drives the Red Patch Babies crazy is okay in my book! :thup:

Love it! :thup: Although I think the Argos should get McCown's approval first because Bob has the official word on anything related to the Argos and CFL of course. :smiley:

What do we want field turf for?

Yes, why field turf??

Blue Patch Boys? come on guys come up with something original.

That twitter account looks to be more good natured needling than serious fightin' woids. The guy behind this is parodying what the RPB take seriously. One funny line is making fun of the soccer penchant for naming stands and the BPB calls one the Joe "King" Krol stand. Seems to advocate just what RPB doesn't like ie artificial turf. Looks like harmless joking to me because some of it is so ridiculous and the RPB are biting.