The Blue Bombers are a complete joke

Before all you die-hard Bomber fans blow a fuse, think about how low this sports franchise has sunk.

1. The Blue Bombers are one of the worst-run sports franchises in North America at the moment
2. Canad Inns Stadium is one of the worst sports venues around- and should've been torn down 20 years ago (the only people who like Canad Inns Stadium haven't ever left Winnipeg for a sporting event)
3. "Community Ownership" and Lyle Bauer. Need I say more? Can anyone name ONE good thing about this arrangement?
4. 20 Years, no Grey Cup. In a 30-team league this wouldn't be a big deal. In an 8-team league it's ridiculous and embarrassing.
5. A new scandal every month that puts the Bombers in a negative light. The "cheerleader fiasco" last year. Kelly's comments this year. The drunks at the stadium assaulting police officers. It never ends. Can't even remember the last time this franchise was talked about POSITIVELY
6. New stadium delays. I understand this is Winnipeg and things aren't supposed to get done in time (or done at all), but still. They originally started serious discussion about a new stadium in late 2003. Asper's original plan had the stadium open for 2008. It's almost 2010- and shovels are nowhere in sight.
7. Recent vandalism at Canad Inns Stadium. I heard it caused $100,000 in damage? Couple that with no home playoff game and the big Aerosmith concert at the stadium that got cancelled and I can't even imagine how much $$ the Blue will lose this year.

I could go on (points 8. - 10.- and no, neither of them have to do with the coach or QB), but you get the idea. I actually went to 1 Bomber game this year (Banjo Bowl.. and boy do I regret going!!!), so I'm not entirely a Bomber-hater. I'm just not a die-hard, I'm not blindly loyal to the Blue, so I see this franchise for what it really is.

Very sad.

  1. I completely disagree. There are franchises run better but there are a lot of them that are run much worse.
  2. How is that the Bombers fault? Stadiums don't grow on trees. They cost money and if the various levels of government won't commit to help finance them then the projects don't get done. And that goes for every team in the league.
  3. A lot of people prefer community ownership over private ownership. Both have their good points and their bad. Where are the Rider and Eskimos fans? Let's ask their opinion on the concept of community owned franchises.
  4. I want the team to win the GC too.
  5. Your opinion. [sarcasm]Crap doesn't happen in any other city. Fans don't do stupid things anywhere else in the world.[/sarcasm] Newsflash for you: crap happened everywhere in the league this year - you just didn't hear about it. As I don't feel like getting into yet another debate on this topic that's all I'm going to say.
  6. Once again how is that the Bombers fault. If the feds had kicked in some bucks when Asper made his pitch for a new stadium at Polo Park it would have been built by now. Instead they refused to contribute anything until the UofM plan came up and [sarcasm]then the Bombers caused a global recession which delayed the project[/sarcasm].
  7. Regarding the fire, you have heard of insurance, haven't you? The Aerosmith concert wasn't the only one the Bombers had planned this year. The other concert went just fine. I think there's such a thing as insurance in case concerts have to be cancelled.

If you think you are looking at the franchise objectively then I have a bridge that I'd like to sell you. The fact that you "blame" the Bombers for some things that are completely beyond their control shows that you are not objective.

sigh Yet another "expert" to put on the ignore list.

...the Bomber franchise seems to be in better shape than the Wpg. Jets franchise... from where i'm sitting....This team was 5 million in debt when Bauer took over and today we're pretty solvent....There are A LOT of reasons for not winning Grey Cups during Lyles reign in the Peg.....Bauer isn't one of them.. :wink:

I don’t think the Bombers are a complete joke, but I do think that their on-field product will really hurt them at the box office over the next few years if Bauer and Kelly don’t find a capable young QB to take charge of the offence.

Why do you guys even bother reading this guys posts?

So, if your not a real fan, stay away, don’t watch them tv, and nobody cares what a fairweather troll has to say !

A new stadium will not be built. Asper is broke.

....I'll make a note to draw up this post, when the tix go on sale for the seating at the new digs..... :lol:

Asper is trying to get to get the equity for free and get tennants to guarantee his share of the initial investment. It's brilliant if you can do it but retail expansion is in the toilet, I'm affraid it won't happen for quite a while.

I'm surprisde fans haven't started asking: "What is plan B" as apparantly the board has one.

...Asper has asked and been given an that will see him put this down-turn in the economy in the rear-view mirror....Have you got any news that the retail expansion (it's called THE ELMS by the way) is dead???.....IF not i'd say your take is as credible as stadium will be a reality in on it... :smiley: :wink: And won't it be nice to see the Bomber team enjoying the newest facility in the's due... :thup:

I meant retail expansion (adding stores) is in the toilet...not specific to Dev xyz. Most chains are American and are not adding or moving stores but closing them.

The source is very dubious but according to a column of Friesen's in the Winnipeg Sun back in September, Plan B sounds a lot like the original plan that Asper proposed of building retail space at the stadium and replacing the stadium in stages but with the Bombers going alone. The timeframe to get the whole thing done was something like 7 years IIRC.

The Argos are the worst team in the CFL on all levels.....I may change my name once more, this time I may call myself "thread killer" :lol:

Whatever, as long as you change the picture too. :roll:

....and don't bring back Sarah either :lol: :thdn:

As far as Aspers retail deal,this has crossed my mind,I wonder if he delayed things because it looks like IKEA is doing something along the same lines as what he wanted,only bigger.

Plan B seems to be the only option. Asper is bankrupt and does not have the coin to invest. Why would anyone go to an upscale shopping mall, when you could buy the same or similiar items at WalMart or Zellers for a lot less. It makes no sense. Winnipeggers are a thrifty bunch and would not be throwing money away on crocodile or alligator handbags. Off market items at Walmart will suffice. Just look at the Value village stores. The do a booming business. Asper is living in a dream world if he thinks Winnipeggers will embrace upscale shopping. He has been living in Toronto for too long. The tenants to such a venture would find themselves in bankrupt court before too long. Asper then would walk away from the debt, the same as he did with Can West. The taxpayers would be left holding the bag. PLAN B IS THE ONLY OPTION.

...Asper is not broke.....his real estate holdings alone can carry the new venture once the other monies ...fed and provincial money kick in.....Quit with the bull$hit';s getting tiresome.. :thdn:

Can you please back up your claim that Asper is bankrupt ? I must of missed it on the news ? When did he file for bankruptcy ?

The IKEA development and the Elms are going for different demographics so they shouldn't affect each other. I love IKEA but it would never be considered upscale which is what the Elms will be.