The Blue Bomber TV Show

I dont know how many of you are old enough to remember this, but back in the good old days, we used to have a weekly show about the Bombers, it was usually called The (insert coaches name here) Show, and was a half hour of nothing but Bomber football, talking with the coach, analyzing the last game, previewing the upcoming one etc. I wonder why they dont do this anymore, I wonder if other cities around the league are still doing this, this type of show used to be a staple and was great exposure for the team locally. I wish they would do something like this again, perhaps as fans, we should be emailing the Bombers and ask them to bring this back. What you guys think.

The Jim Daley Show
Host Bob Irving sits down with Blue Bomber Head Coach Jim Daley live from Hooters to discuss what's going on with the Blue and Gold along with the CFL in general. This is your chance to voice your opinion on CJOB 68.
This is on Monday Night at 7:00 pm our time. Full hour then they have another hour of...

The Football Huddle On CJOB
Host Bob Irving gets you up to date on all that's happening with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the rest of the CFL. Special guests, insights and predictions are all part of the Football Huddle on CJOB 68.

Jim Daley show from 7-8 and The Football Huddle from 8-9

I started listening to the Jim Daley Show at the beginning of the season. Is this what you meant?

I would love to watch a show like this.

CJOB does have a weekly radio show with Jim Daly, I believe every Monday night. They broadcast from Hooters, and talk Bombers. But TV would be nice.

OB.....has the show with Daley...whcih is pretty good .....but maybe what Pigseye was getting at would be something a little more up-front and personal...more inter-action between the team and fans is always a good thing...

I know OBs got the radio show, but Im talking TV, the old shows were great, it was like being in the film reviewing the game tape, showing you exactly went wrong and what worked, who blew the play and why. I miss the old TV show and wish it was back.

That does sound cool... I wish they would bring that back...