The blown call on the Kerry Joseph throw

It was not actually a blown call. It is not where Joseph's foot is, it is where he releases the ball. Yes his foot was behind the line but his hand appears to be very close to the line of scrimmage when he releases the ball. Since the camera shot was at a slight angle it was impossible to tell whether it was over the line, so the correct call was made, inconclusive evidence to overturn the on field call. This is not a special rule either, it is always the location of the ball not the player that dictates touchdowns, first downs, and illegal forward pass.

Too close to be worth arguement. I could understand the call either way. Its history. No bad on the ref regardless of right or wrong.

Refresh my memory…svp…Was Joseph called for illegal forward pass??? I remember the challenge…but, also the commentators saying that the los was not where the “yellow” tv only line was displayed. Too tired, and can’t remember.

Yes he was called for an illegal forward pass and the video challenge upheld the call.

I was however surprised to see that it was a challengeable call because it is a penalty.

I dont think the challenge was on the penalty itself, the challenge was wether or not KJ was behind the LOS when he threw the ball. If the challenge was successful, and they ruled that Joseph was behind he LOS, then that negates the penalty on the play.

i think they made the wrong call and joseph got in away well in time. but lets say their is no problem if he stops trying to make throws like that and you guys are in the GC. we got better things to talk about. like how the bombers are the 95th GC champs.

But that was the penalty... If hes called for illegal forward pass, and they challenge whether or not he had passed the line, then that sounds like challenging the penalty to me...

But yeah, I thought you cant challenge penalties...

The way I understand it is, it really isn't a penalty so much as an illegal forward pass. We received no penalty yards on the play (hope I am right on that!), but just the pass itself did not count.
It isn't any different than in the Stamp game when Kent challenged the interception return, claiming a forward lateral, which is an "illegal forward pass".
Had he won that challenge, it would have been a "penalty" in that the ball would have been spotted at the point of the lateral and there would have been no TD on the play.
If a ref had called a "forward lateral" on that play, he would have thrown his flag and then Higgins could have challenged.

It does seem odd to be able to "challenge a penalty" but it is the exception that proves the rule.

I might add, I don't believe they could have overturned the onfield call from the video I saw, but I was surprised they called the "Flutie Rule" at all....

I dont want people to tell me that we arent the NFL or something, but our Challenge system is supposedly modelled after the NFL one. And Im like 99.07% sure that you cant challenge penalties down there. That why I was wondering.

At the same time, in the CFL one can challenge to see if a play that was ruled dead may have been a fumble, so I guess they are different..

I thought it would be unchallengeable because, not only is it a penalty, but it is also a judgement call.

The correct call was made, I believe. His foot was behind the line, and his hand when he cocked it was behind the line, but when he released the ball it had already crossed the line. The official standing on the line of scrimmage has the scrimmage marker directly opposite him, so he can easily tell whether the ball has crossed or not.

It is considered a penalty, though there is no yardage marched off. The next play continues from the point where the pass was thrown.

I am pretty sure its challengable in both the CFL and the NFL. an example would be the Music City Miracle (I think thats what it was called) When The Bills got hooped on a lateral on a kickoff, that was actually a forward pass. I know it was different circumstances (return vs offensive play) and I am not sure if the refs called it a penalty or not, but its still the same type of call.

This is something like challenging the spot of the ball in my opinion. It is not a judgemnet call but rather something that could be witnessed and (usually) proven right or wrong.

wow I just jumbled a lot of sentances together there.

I was actually surprised that they threw the flag on that play. It was so close I thought in most cases they'd it go.

It was a 10 yard penalty as well, the catch was negated and they got the ball 2nd and 20.

They didnt call the penalty in The Music City Miracle, thats part of the reason behind its name.

nor should they have.

He was over
Joseph was Called for this more they any other CFL Passer this year

After I wrote that post myself and a few others at work discussed this for awhile and then we watched the video on youtube. It was not a lateral. Penalty should have been thrown.

It should have been. Watch where Wychek throws the ball from (behind the 25) and where Dyson catches it at (passed the 25).

The kick is at 1:34. This was the shortest video of it I could find.

I know my stuff :lol:

It was still was pretty neat though.

Joseph does get this called more often then others. And the League does watch this. In fact, in Sunday's game review..he was called twice for it. And the Calgary game, on the first touch down it was another close one. but obviously not called. But this is how he plays, he scrambles, and if he sees a receiver open, he throws. They will be watching him on this next Sunday too. One thing to remember, you can't go be the "TV" yellow line, as most of the time it is off, and not correct. Judge by where the ball is placed.

...are you trying to tell me that tv would lie to me???

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