The Block - Hickman and Maver

I am surprised no one has commented on the bone crushing hit Hickman put on Maver and the ensuing aftermath. By far one of the best ear hole shots I have seen in years. Man that's got to hurt!

The second this happened, (perhaps even a split second before because I saw it coming) I leaped out of my chair. Best hit of the year.

It was incredible - He moves with such speed and I think put his forearm to Maver's chest. A clean, hard hit - the highlight of my night!

This hit was actually highlighted on Monday night football. (pre-show) with Chris Berman

Hey also showed the Joe Kapp - Ang Mosca fight for 3 years ago.

Also shown on PTI.

Loved the hit. Didn't like the actions of Hickman after the hit at all! :thdn:

he should realize that he out weighs the punter by probably 100lb lol no need to act like that after.

heat of the moment in a grey cup game.

Andrenaline and emotions flowing. I don't mind the reaction afterwards. On the field their enemies. After the game he can be friendly with him and see how he is doing.

Nah. Don't further humiliate they guy you just wrecked by standing over him especially if he's 100lbs less.

The plays not over just because he got a big hit, find someone else to light up. Rinse repeat till you hear a whistle

From the Scratching Post:

Calgary punter Rob Maver reached out to Hickman, who laid him out with a viscous block in the third quarter of the Grey Cup. The message: thanks for not taking a headshot and making it worse.

"The HITMAN " :twisted: :thup:

For your viewing pleasure :smiley: Enjoy !!! again,and again,and again :smiley:
Just click on the link provided here,sit back and enjoy !!!! As you watch the video,you'll see how Hickman actually took out Maver as well as another Stampeder when Maver ricochets into him like a bowling pin.A true seven ten split as they say down at the Bowling Alley. :rockin:

[url=] ... -hit-year/[/url]

He hit Maver who took another horseplayer out. awesome for sure!

Stamps Special teams coach reaction after that play !!! "Hitman" Hickman :cowboy: :rockin: