The Blame Game

Well, the season is obviously over.

Ticats are history.

Gotta hang somebody.

It is Fans like you who have no faith. As you know the Players are Professional and they do read your comments and I hope they ignore all the Negativity on these forums. I am so discusted with it. I feel sick. Why can you not believe they can turn it around as soon as they all get on the same page. It takes time. Did any of you start a new job with new people and fit right in? "I BELIEVE". Who is with me. pat_cat :frowning: :x

I think society's to blame.

HAHA I love the variety in this poll, I think its all BUSH's fault!

I totally disagree with this thread in that...... didn't allow us to blame the Argos.

I find life and all it's ups and downs is so much easier if I know I can blame the dreaded Argos.

Clearly, the RAND Corporation is behind all this.

It's gotta be Bush, he's screwed up everything else!!!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are to blame. Talk about shooting themselves in the paw!! Ouch!!

I LOVE this answer...The RAND corporation was a good one too. Thanks for the chuckle. I blame myself (I'm to blame for everything else that goes wrong so why not :smiley: )

Maybe the refs don't like Greg Marshall with stuff he says on the sidelines. I'm starting to wonder if this is the case as well. They are looking to penalize us any chance they get to get back at Marshall. I don't know.

I can think of five or six guys that will probably find a way to blame Mikey.

Good one "Section 8".... :lol:

In reality, if there was a way that all the blame could be thrown on a lowly fan like me, I'd gladly fall on my sword if it took some heat off the players and coaches....

I feel bad for each and every one of them now and I believe they will find it in themselves to turn the corner.....that last play of the game showed me lots about the character of our guys out there.....we darn near pulled off a miracle there. Nice kick by Morreale to start it off!

The Coaches and Starts With Marshall...

I figured the last few choices would clearly indicate the humor and subtle sarcasm intent of the poll. :slight_smile:

p.s. how could I forget to blame the refs :o

What’s worse than being 0 & 4 is listening to the so called “die hard fans” say that we’ll turn it around.
They were the same ones last year with the same comments.
Talk about the blind leading the blind :o
At the end of the day it’s the players who do not execute the plays, not the coaching. Coaching is there to stimulate and motivate the team…which is lacking in parts BUT it’s still up to the players to play…not faulter which is what the Ticat’s having been doing for the past number of years.


god damn those die hard fans anyhow. They should take up a new hobby and leave the CFL to the fairweather fans :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

It's obviously Darth Vader aka. Hugh Cambell, leader of the evil empire. He sent you a qb with a damaged shoulder!

I'm just kiddin' though Maas is a good guy, he's one of my fav. players.

Die hard fan doesnt make you smart :wink:

You sure can't blame the Ti-Cat fans at 25,000 plus. Look at Montreal with a sell out of 20,000. Oh, they have Tony the Ex-Tiger cat quarterback future Hall of Famer Calvillo. Let's blame him. No wait lets blame the offence game plan. How about the players that took the dumbest penlties that gave Tony the ball back. Lets blame Ottawa for folding. We may have had a chance beating them at home anyway. Lets blame someone.

I blame violence on t.v and video games.