The Blame Game

New game! We've blamed pretty much everybody for the last four seasons, and we've already got a head start on the new season. It's got me thinking: are we missing the boat on something? What if it's OUR fault that the team is losing?

So, let's get introspective here. Who is willing to own up and admit that they broke a game day superstition or ritual last year and thereby cursed the team?

I'll start. Usually, my wife and I have dinner at a certain Vietnamese place downtown, and wash it down with a Tiger beer. I only did that twice this year, and now look at our record. Coincidence? Probably not. I only hope the team will accept my humble apologies and allow me to make it up to them by renewing my seasons.

One can never go wrong with a steaming bowl of Pho.

An Argo fan

I never did anything out of my normal superstition of flying the Ti-Cat flag every game,didn't I miss one game?
No way I'm taking any blame ,I'm OK,blame someone else!
I feel guilty though of something after how many years of lack luster play and no playoffs ,maybe I am to blame ?


I think that before we can start blaming ourselves for something we may have done, we first have to pinpoint the exact time that this team went south.

Did it start with the season following our cup win? Maybe it's a "Millennium" issue.

An interesting post on this same topic from 29 July 2006, just before the nose dive that led to an even worse season than 2005, a feat that many thought impossible.

The 5 year plan: blame your customers for your own shortsightedness.

It's all my fault. After the 99 Grey Cup I ran out of eye of newt and have never been able to find anymore. I hear there is some at a store for this year maybe. Bubble bubble toil and trouble.

Another blame game of yesteryear, from 7 July 2006

I'm prepared to be open minded and consider the possibility that it may be George Bush's fault.

You may be right I think he has weapons of Maas destruction.

We could sure use the aerial attack that he has though.

Cant blame me.
Still wearing my lucky underwear from last Grey Cup win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s occurred to me more than once that the '72 Grey Cup was the final gasp of the Tiger Cat glory years and, well, see my username. Coincidence? - it’s very possible that the last 35 years of almost constant mediocrity are my fault. :cry:

Don't you ever change or wash them? Ew.

BTW - I blame Crash because he apparently hasn't been wearing his cape the last 2 seasons...

It must be those darn forbidden website guys....I am now referring to them as the "A-Team"....its all their fault.

Good research Bunner!

Jake: when will we see the 2006 entry on the Hall of Fame?

(I tried to post the link but a certain offensive portion of the URL gets *'ed out)

I accept none of the blame and will graciously accept all of the credit when we win the Grey Cup in Toronto this year. :wink:

This year is a beauty.

I have delegated the task to one of the other directors.

The 2006 HOF inductee will be the first update to the site.....weeks...not months.