The Black Rod on the Aspers...

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Looks like some fine citizens of Winnipeg are pissed. I don't blame them...

...probably the same group, that got 12 people to sign their petition, to stop the stadium from being built in the first place :lol: Yeah that one really worked :lol: ....The big equipment is busy digging as we speak :wink:

Maybe they were the 12 smartest people in Winnipeg.

I live in MB and this stadium deal borders on criminal.
Asper risks nothing and get everything.
He wants the Polo Park property - that's all.
He get to build the stadium - makes money there.
He gets the Polo Park property - that's real value.
He gets to control the stadium and Bombers is he's able to repay the loan (he won't btw)
The province and city could open this up, let people bid on the Polo Park property, and use the taxes from that property to pay for the stadium. That's still shady, but slightly better than allowing Asper to do it.
If this goes through it will be the end of the Selinger government... and Katz better watch his backside as well.
the public should build this and own it and the Bombers... and tell Asper to pay for the polo park property only if he can out-bid others in an open and transparent process..

A judge should order everything stopped right now ,till all the questions and oversight is done on this deal.

....are you one of the 'twelve' :lol: ...I believe the public is paying for it....see fed dollars ...see provincial funds....see city contribution...The only thing shady, is the shades that some people put over their eyes ,when it comes to anything new in the Peg...Get over it ...learn to luv it's here Mr; sourgrapes :lol:

...yeah ...right :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Why are you defending this deal? Asper is already trying to make the stadium less impressive.
Asper gets everything, and risks nothing.
Go read the WFP today... the boards are full of people who want Asper out ASAP.
I do believe a new stadium should be built - just not with Asper.
He somehow has managed to get the province and city hand him rights to build a stadium, a chance to own the Bombers and operate the stadium, own the property at Polo Park... but no politician can answer why.
I get you're a Bomber fan tired of that crappy stadium... Lord knows I'm not looking forward to visit it next month...
But why are you so hot to let Asper make money off the backs of Manitobans?
At least Bob Young was going to put in his own actual money.
Asper was just selling snake oil.
Lose Asper. Do the project properly and publicly. Maintain public ownership...
I can tell you more than 12 people are against this crooked deal... the NDP will get the boot next election on this and the BiPole deal... count on it

I could give two sh**S about the stadium...I hope Winnipeg gets one, but won't be vexed either way.

As a fan of the CFL, I would be rather concerned about Asper assuming ownership of this team, if he's as broke as it is made to sound. How is he going to be able to withstand any sort of downturn in the team's financial situation. Is he willing/able to toss in a few million like Braley/Young/Wettenhall have done?

Or is he going to hand back the keys as soon as the team needs cash for whatever reason?

I could give two sh**S about the stadium...I hope Winnipeg gets one, but won't be vexed either way.

As a fan of the CFL, I would be rather concerned about Asper assuming ownership of this team, if he's as broke as it is made to sound. How is he going to be able to withstand any sort of downturn in the team's financial situation. Is he willing/able to toss in a few million like Braley/Young/Wettenhall have done?

Or is he going to hand back the keys as soon as the team needs cash for whatever reason?

Hmmm I was as diehard as Pops for the new stadium (still am) but the Asper aspect is troubling to me now after reading articles in both Winnipeg papers and things like this. Seems shady. Might as well make it a strictly public venture considering what Asper is putting and getting out of it (which is nothing and everything in that order).

look chewbacca....the free press does not speak for ALL Manitobans...The majority of people are on board with this venture. However there are a few people, with an agenda, trying everything and anything, to derail this project....which i might add not at all possible at this juncture....Dedicated funds by the province and feds. are not going to be compromised ...IT'S A DONE DEAL....The sooner everyone gets on board with it the better...Let's quit haggling (especially at this late stage) and get behind the initators of the deal....You may not agree with Asper and the way things have unfolded but it will all work out in the end...People speculating, that his Elms project is doomed to failure, are sadly mistaken...Asper will eventually own the club with a large amount of his money being expended....AND if you would look into past financial support for the Bombers, you'll find the Aspers front and centre...I am just a fan of the the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and want the best for the club... an aside.... as an owner,Bob Young has also put a great deal of his money into the cats,.... However Bob Young did not initiate a deal for Hamilton to get a new stadium...that came through the games that are to be played in Ont.....with added funding being provided by tax dollars.... sound familiar...If it wasn't for the Aspers, particularly David, this stadium would still be in the discussion stage..Looking forward to seeing you at the new venue :wink:

Asper does not get the Polo Park land or the Bombers if he can't prove he can repay the loan. That is in the agreement.

...look ...who the hell says he's broke...his Creswin enterprises are very solvent :stuck_out_tongue: .Don't lap up all the propaganda you read there arte...Why on earth would he put his reputation and a great deal of money on the line to fail...AND i know you won't be vexed, as you put it way or the other about our new digs ...just like i won't be vexed, if your 'big talk' stadium never sees the light of day (by the way what happened to all of the big wind... it seems to have fallen off the map).The stadium in the Peg would never have got off the ground if it weren't for go cast your 'two sh**ts in another direction :stuck_out_tongue:

you still can't explain why Asper has to be involved at all... if taxes from polo park are to pay for it, why give Asper anything? keep it entirely public and make him bid against others for that space - which should drive up the cost
if you're a fan of the bombers, you definitely do not want Asper to own the team... he's already trying to SCALE DOWN the stadium, which will kill the project... not sure why you think it cannot be derailed.
this "deal" is just politics for Katz and Selinger... they see elections on the horizon and rushed this deal through, giving Asper everything
and tell me again how Asper is spending a lot of his money? He gets to repay the LOAN with property taxes... his Creswin gets to BUILD the stadium... he gets to OWN the Bombers and CONTROL the stadium...

and if he doesn't pay the loan back, his company still gets the BUILD the stadium - all reward, no risk

I have to say, you must be an ardent Asper supporter... cause he's risking nothing and getting everything...

You can bet I will not only vote against the NDP on this issue, I'll use my position in the media to let everyone in Manitoba know this deal STINKS
keep the stadium public, keep the Bombers public, tell Asper to take a hike. he's already trying to scale back the project... that's your guy I guess... already cutting corners

ah but he still gets to build the stadium. so why risk anything on him? freeze him out, make the project public only…
getting the build the stadium is his consolation prize… and he’s already cutting corners

Papa, can you help me understand what Asper is contributing to the project? Because from the little I've read (I admit...a little) I can't see what he's contributing. Borrowing money you don't have to repay doesn't really count, does it?

To me it seems like Asper simply orchestrated a big construction project.

Creswin does have to repay the loan if it wants to get anything out of this. Creswin has to prove by 2012 that they have the tenants for The Elms AND documentation from a financial institution that they will loan it the money to re-pay the bridge financing. Once they do that then Creswin can buy the Polo Park property at fair market value. The only way property taxes enter the picture is if Creswin defaults. If that were to happen then the Polo Park land would be sold to someone else and the property taxes would go to the Province to repay the loan. As for Creswin putting in money, they were to put in $10 million (a lot of it for services) as well as cover cost overruns. The amount of the cost overruns is the sticking point right now.

...PRECISELY BLUEBLOOD...i hope that clears it up for a few folks...There;s no shady deal as some have tried to portray this deal as being....Asper only wins if his devolpment is a success...The Bombers and their fans win because they get a new facility (along with the Bisons AND other user groups)..Why the hell all of this other sideshow is going on , i have no idea..I would hazard a guess there's a lot of political crap going on behind the scenes...most likely from the useless conservative opposition is this province who by the way never uttered a bloody word of support for this venue ,,,ever...To those clowns i say...fight the election in the political arena and leave the Bombers and their stadium out of the tussle for ain't working to anyones benefit :wink:

this is not true. they plan to repay the loan WITH property taxes. the government's reasoning is that even if Asper defaults, someone will own the polo park property and those taxes will pay for the stadium
no bank is ever going to loan Asper money to pay for a stadium he won't own. and they sure won't loan him millions to own the bombers.
so if property taxes are to be used to pay for this, why involve Asper? why give him such a sweet deal?
like I said I plan to use my position in the media to make life hell for the Selinger government.
i can't do much about the wpg election, but I plan to bring this crooked deal up every chance I get
the only way I support this is if Asper gets the book and he has to compete against others for the Polo Park property - and the team remains public
this is shady - aspery, katz, selinger... lots of backdoor dealing
and Asper is already trying to welch and make the province and city pay for cost overruns or he will scale back the stadium. what a crook