The Bills and the Leafs have a lot in common

Neither team has won a championship since 1967 . So who will be the first ?


hopefully the Bills


Bills last won in 1965 (never won at all in 1967? Maybe just worded awkwardly?)

But I mean that's nothing compared to some other droughts
Arizona Cardinals 1947
Cleveland Guardians 1948
Sacramento Kings 1951

Toronto Maple Leafs 1967 is decades away from the record (there are like 10 NFL teams with longer droughts, half as many in MLB, and a couple NBA teams)

I do admit I am surprised Cleveland Indian / Guardians still winless
They came close a few times

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I picked 1967 because that was the first year of the Super Bowl . The Bills were in the NFL and the Leafs were in the NHL . Nothing awkward about that .

None of these teams literally existed in those cities in 1967 .
Arizona Cardinals 1947
Cleveland Guardians 1948
Sacramento Kings 1951

Many NHL teams didn't exist, or at least not in the same city, back then too.

Leafs exist in a league where 75% of the teams do not win a playoff round

Ticats exist in a league where all things being equal it is 50-50 each team should win a championship every 4.5 years which may make our teams drought worse. Too lazy for more math.


The Bills are the Tiger Cats of the NFL lol


:sunglasses: Hey, you're on to something their pal... :crazy_face:

The Bills have 4 Super Bowl appearances and zero wins in 56 years . The Cats have played in 12 Grey Cups since 1967 with 4 wins . That would be 4 wins versus zero wins and the only game they played against each other , the Cats won 38 - 21 .
We are not the Bills . :laughing:


The bills are as cursed as the Ticats

Great in the regular season awful in the when it chips are down

Imagine a team playing on an often snowy slippery field like Buffalo not having a running game , or any Football Team anywhere not having a strong running game ,hmmmm……..;0)

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Wha... that is statistically impossible...
If 75% fail to win a playoff round then only 25% are winning (lol)

The math for CFL is just as shaky
(Even moreso as the bye / home field games push those stats significantly down; eg look at the fact the "better" cross over team loses to east team every year)
Or the obvious results between the haves (Argos etc) vs have nots (Riders etc)

Cleveland has been in same city since 1901
The other two are same teams just diff cities

The grammar still sounds akward to me though as you implied Bills won in 67 (instead of 65)
By that measure even if Bills won this year, Leafs still have 2 years to "catch up" and not be the worst...

32 NHL teams
16 makes the playoffs
Only 8 teams win a round
8 is 25% of 32

You are welcome.

Show your work kids.

9 teams in the CFL
odds are all things being equal each team should win once every 9 years.

Thus a 50% chance of winning a Grey Cup every 4.5 years

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It's not the grammar it's more about comprehension . Arizona Cardinals never existed in 1947 . Neither did the Cleveland Guardians in 1948 . So also the Sacramento Kings in 1951 .
As for the math lesson , this has been repeated many times before . Comparing apples and oranges never works . 2 teams in 2 different sized leagues is obvious to all . My comments were strictly about Buffalo and Toronto and their shared histories of failure.

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Not in my lifetime I hate to say and I have been waiting for both clubs to celebrate... Thank goodness I have lived to see Super Bowls won, NBA Trophies in abundance, A few Stanley Cup parades, MLB glory after decades of wasted seasons of hope. Praying for the Leafs and Bills to see what it's like on the other side. The best of sides to be on.

In both your answers that is not at all how probabilities work

Thats is the same fallacy that pushes some to keep gambling when they are "due" for a win

Yes each season you have a 1 in 9 chance
But the problem with your math and logic is just that
Each season is an individual draw

So if the Argos win this year that does NOT equal a 1 in 8 chance for remaining teams next year as Argos ALSO are still in contention
It remains a 1 in 9 chance (however improbable it is for a team to repeat) and never gets close to a "50% chance" of wining in 4.5 years

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What makes this very tough in sports is that the probability really isn't the same for each team.

Both Winnipeg and Edmonton had a theoretical 1 in 9 chance of winning the cup in 2021, but we all know that wasn't the case. That's why gambling odds exist.