The biggest problem by far...

The biggest problem by far is the SECONDARY. Every single game, there are numerous times where the recievers from the opposing team are not only open, but they are VERY open. No defenders anywhere near them.

Dont get me wrong, I am glad we got Printers, but Maas was (and still is) a great quarterback. If we had 1 really good reciever, and a Secondary that played beyond high-school level, we would have a winning record.

Hopefully Ticat management will clue in, We Need Defenders to keep us in the game. (and a good go-to guy wouldnt hurt either)

I really noticed that watching the game live on Saturday. Was never sure what was going'd look downfield and there would just be this Argo all by himself....then suddenly this brown thing would get hurled through the air at him.
It was very very bad.
In defence of the defence....they were probably f'ing tired! The O has to keep the ball and put together some drives to give those guys a rest.

According to this, the home team time of possession was 29:15, the visiting team was 30:45.

r4758, is there anywhere that has that broken down by quarter? I think the Ti-Cats chewed up A LOT of time on the clock in the 4th, when it was way too late.

J93 wrote,

In defence of the defence....they were probably f'ing tired! The O has to keep the ball and put together some drives to give those guys a rest.
Agreed, J93

I know the Cats defense didnt play well against Toronto. But earlier in the season the defense was keeping them in it. The d backs werent bad.
I think in more recent games against Toronto the defense was just tired and discouraged. Even if they did come up with great stops, especially earlier in both games. ( We were in it before the second half) The offense could do nothing, and that discourages the defense . For most of the season except the Winnipeg game at home. The offence has been constant with the 2 and outs, which definately has an effect on the defence.
it`ll be nice to see Printers bring a change to that routine!!

There have definately been problems in this area and a large part of that is that people have been moved around so much that up until 2 games ago they hadn't played together (in the same spots) for 2 games in a row. It's hard to build any level of consistency with that going on and as loyalcatfan suggests, it gets to be demoralizing and exhausting to spend as much time on the field as they have over the course of the season.

We need Mr. Nedd. :smiley:

Too much is being made of how long the D is on the field.

It seems to me that the secondary looks most confused in the first half of the game. We are usually down a touchdown shortly after the other team receives the opening kickoff. That is demoralizing to the whole team as well as the fans.

We need to improve this defence - it is either the coaching or the players. Either way make the necessary moves to improve.

IMO the biggest problem is the penalties. Also I don't put the entire blame on the DB's the D-line has got to get more pressure on opposing QB's. We are last in the league in sacks WE NEED MORE PRESSURE! Now the DB's do have to take their fair share of the blame but you can't cover WR's in this league for 5 or 6 seconds at that point someone is going to get open.

The short and long answer to the problems with the Defence is Ed O'Neal..plain and simple. 9 games into the reg/season and this clown can't even get a play to the guys on the field...he should be dismissed..end of story.