The Biggest Head Scratcher - Vernon Adams

What in the world happened with this one. Just a Tillman classic? Or was it June Jones that messed up his vision by opening his massive mouth?

I think everybody was pretty happy with Adams as our backup plan before Manziel signed, but now they've somehow both ended up in Montreal?

Trading two offensive linemen with none in return is stupid enough, but not like they were good o-linemen anyways lol They can be replaced by two more scrubs who won't block and can rack up penalties. Williams and Westerman are proven CFL vets let's not forget, so we didn't come away empty handed at least.

But Vernon Adams should be our backup no questions asked. Look at the pace Charleston Hughes is on right now, not like we gave up a spare part to get him. He never should've been forced out, and we'd be sitting pretty with Masoli and Adams. Amazing tandem? No. Better than what we're left with now? Absolutely.

The Vernon Adam chapter has to be one of the strangest sequence of events I can remember. None of it made sense from start to finish. He technically ended his career here taking snaps at receiver did he not? lol

Maybe Evans is a better QB

stop thinking

Quite possibly the best most saavy deal HTC have ever managed in its modern history and people are worried about Vernon Adams.
So Hamilton.

Very possible. I said in the other thread backup QBs are always nobodys until they're somebodys, so for all we know Evans turns into the next Ricky Ray. Don't forget we now only have two on the roster, so we need to sign a QB asap - wouldn't be an issue we just kept VA around.

Adams keeps getting the raw end of the deal in the CFL and I can't figure out why. Gotta be more than meets the eye. I moreso just hate the fact we traded Hughes for Adams, and now we are looking for another QB. Hughes is old, but I'd much rather have him on our side than watch him eat Masoli the last few weeks.

I'm sorry for bringing this up I'll get the mods to lock 'er up .. Instead I'll derail every thread by talking about Vernon Adams who wasn't involved in the actual trade

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Does it not say something that Adams couldn't get a snap with the worst team in the league? So much so that they had to give up the farm for our other backup?

.... weird how HAM couldnt interest anyone with Adams for even a late round pick. Its as if the rest of the league evaluated Adams and said "meh".

He's on the third year of his escalator deal, he's likely too pricey for most teams to consider as a #3 QB and his contract is up at the end of the year, He will likely try his luck with the new league down there as they look for big College names.

When TiCats released Adams jr, he became a free agent with no contract.
I doubt he signed with Montreal for much more than League minimum.

I don't know if Adams was much good, or had much potential, or not. I liked his attitude.

JJ spoke highly of him, but he tends to do that about his players, a trait I like, though it doesn't shed much light on how good Adams really is.

It's true Adams has had turns in a few places with little to show for it so far. And true we couldn't swing a trade for him.

But his departure not too long before Manziel's does leave us short at backup QB. I have no idea how good Evans is, or could become.

It'll be interesting to see who comes in next.

I think quite simply Adams was a security blanket needed before Manziel signed. Cats needed Adams on the roster not knowing if the Manziel deal was ever going to get done.

So now we need a new blanket to go along with Evans

What I don’t understand is as bad as the Al’s QB’s have been, why haven’t we seen Adams? It doesn’t make sense to me.... just like it didn’t make sense to me that Jones never played JF even one snap. Masoli had one brilliant game and one pretty good game. In the 3 losses he didn’t look like a GC QB in my mind yet no JF appearance. Is there a lot more to this story? Will we ever know?

You haven't seen Adams because the QB's ahead of him in Montreal are all better than him (doesn't say much for Adams). As for JJ not even giving JF one snap during the regular season, he did the same thing with Zack Collaros last year when they were trying to trade him. This way JF doesn't get hurt, he doesn't flop this makes him easier to trade. Imagine if he put Johnny in when Masoli was faltering and JF lit it up, he would then have a QB controversy and his prized Masoli would be exposed. I will never understand how people think that Mediocre Masoli (M squared) is anything but mediocre.

I imagine part of the rationale in originally signing Manziel was to have a solid potential starter in the event that Masoli was not able to step in as our starter. After training camp and the start to the season, Jones must have felt confident enough in Masoli to move Manziel into the number 2 position, essentially as insurance in case Masoli got hurt or faltered. Now, he must feel confident enough in Evans to move him into the number 2, allowing Tillman to make the trade. My concern is going into the next game with only the two QBs, and hope there is a trade or a body on the horizon. Adams would be logical only in that he has some familiarity with the Jones system. I don't know about his suitability as a legitimate number 2.

I was surprised to see the two O-linemen included in the deal, in exchange for yet another DE and small WR, positions that I felt we were already well stocked. Futures are always a pig in a poke, especially our tale with Chapman this year, but then look at Timmis and Ciraco. I don't know enough about the quality of the players being exchanged to make a fair assessment of the trade, but don't see Manziel being able to step in cold and turn the Montreal team into an instant contender. More likely, he has the balance of this year to get comfortable with the team and the CFL, with a view to 2019. In the meantime, he may revive the excitement in Montreal and spark attendance there and across the league.

To clarify after a rough start to the morning, my main point was we seemed to create drama out of nowhere with the whole Adams trade situation, then he gets scratched and left at home, then he's back at practice and Jones is talking bout playing him at receiver, then all of a sudden he's cut. All within like two weeks?

All of it also very stupid and unnecessary. I was trying to say that Adams should still be on this team not based on skill, but based on what we gave up to get him, which was a HOF defensive end who may be old but can apparently still make our tackles look silly. It just doesn't make sense for us to trade for Hughes, then trade Hughes for Adams, if Adams wasn't somehow thought of as good backup at the very least. Hence, is this a Tillman classic? Or did he have another move in place that was screwed up by Jones opening his mouth to the media before the deal was finalized.

Who knows what that deal may have been, but guess what? It would've been a hell of a lot better than out right releasing Adams for no discernible reason other than we've now got Johnny as the backup. Which for a reminder, was the the reason Jones gave for the impending trade that never happened,

“As soon as we signed Johnny it changed, that’s what I told Vernon,? said Jones. “I love Vernon, he’s a great kid. He played really well for me in the East-West Shrine Game. Everything in this league changes so fast, that’s what I told him — ‘maybe in two years you’ll be right back with me’ and that’s just how this is."

Am I crazy to think this is all very stupid? I could care less about arguing whether Adams is a good quarterback or not, because we never get a chance to see him play anyways despite good stats - there's gotta be another story there of course. But I'm just mad we are sitting here with two QBs on the roster, one of which is a complete unknown, and we should still have Adams if not for inept management top down. I get that we had Johnny, but everybody knew Johnny could be traded at the right price so why not keep Adams around as your third. You don't just cut quarterbacks, especially one's you traded for that offseason. He was ready and willing to be a backup here, and we just dragged him through the mud.

If you care to give me an actual well thought argument why this was solid planning by our staff, I'd love to hear the answer.

There is no defence to the knucklhead planning by this organization, it doesn’t make any sense at all. This is why our team will always be mediocre and never be a perennial contender.

Im with you 2ez, the entire thing makes little sense. I get the small picture stuff, but apparently there was a very unclear big picture.

We trade Hughes for Adam's, our Manziel insurance, but then can't get anything in a trade for Adam's. So he was worth Hughes, then worth nothing a month later?

And Adam's was the insurance for the guy we wanted all along only to never give him a snap and trade him 5 games into the season?