The Biggest Choke in Sports History!!

The 97th Grey Cup game played in Calgary at McMahon Stadium in 2009 between Montreal and Saskatchewan is by far the Biggest Choke by a team in Sports History. A 33 yard field goal in the fourth quarter by Damon Duval of Montreal is wide only to be called back and re-kicked because Regina had too many players on the field, Duval lines up again and kicks the winner in a 28 to 27 victory by Montreal over the Riders on November 29, 2009.

By far the biggest Choke by a team in Sports History and only fitting that it's was the Riders, Overconfident and someone couldn't count, I remember looking at Rider Nation and sadly they were devastated.



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In a championship match Id say this years Americas Cup between New Zealand and the USA is up there, but in sports History period I thik theres lots of games choke worthy like the Bruins Leafs Playoff Series this year. That Riders hiccup late in the Grey Cup would go down as the biggest choke in CFL Grey Cup history for sure

I think next week at this time we will be talking about the Riders choking in front of their home town loud fans.

Yes, the 2009 Grey Cup was an unbelievably tough way to lose a Grey Cup Championship. But as someone once said…

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Ahem, gentlemen, sounds like sour grapes to me. I am sincerely sorry none of your teams are here to play in the Grey Cup but I can assure you Saskatchewan is in the game again. I could say something like jealousy will get you nowhere but the Grey Cup week is no place for petty-ness. It is a week to celebrate being Canadian and being a supporter of your team in the CFL regardless if they are here or not. :cowboy:
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one penalty at the wrong time does not = choke.

Houston @ Buffalo 1991 NFL playoffs...That was a historic choke job!!

For me?...

1986 Eastern Final at Exhibition Stadium...Hamilton vs Toronto...I was there and watched a 26 point advantage for the Argonauts evaporate before my eyes....


the biggest choke artist in history are the riders. they only recently passed the Sarnia Imperials for Grey Cup victories. The Imperials only apeared in two Grey Cups. The roughriders have appeared in like 18 or something like that. it took them until their tenth one to win a single cup.
Put it this way... The Riders have been around since 1910. the BC Lions have been around since 1954. The BC Lions won the Grey Cup before the Riders. The Lions also won their second cup before the Riders. Both times the Lions beat the Riders by a couple of years. Since then, things have only gotten worse. the Lions have won 4 cups and the Riders have only one one. If you realize that to win the Grey cup is a difercult(mathematicly) as advancing to the confernce finals, in one of the big four leagues. You soon realize that maybe the only the franchise that is now the Phoenix Coyotees is possibly the only franchise more pathetic then the Riders in Canadian history. The old jets franchise has a couple of Avco cups, so I still put the riders below them. Yeah the Leafs missed the playoffs for 8 years, but the riders missed them for11 years and it is twice as hard to do so (mathematicly speaking again)
Hands down the riders are the biggest choke artist losing team in Canadian history

read it and weep rider fans.. scroll down to the 3rd title

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Considering Montreal was 15-3 that season I would hardly say that was a "choke" by the Riders. It would have been a choke had Montreal lost the game. What's really a choke is this years Stampeder team or last years Lion team who were both the best regular season team but one and done in the playoffs. Or how about the amount of money Hamilton has put into former all stars over the past decade only to consistently suck year in and year out

what a truly ignorant post. what happened 100 to 50 yrs ago is completely irrelevant. What kind of sadist are you that you have to try so hard to make people offended or unhappy or sad, etc?

say whatever you want...the riders are 3-15(soon to be 3-16) in the Big game. That is the definition of choking.
I should add "screw the riders" to my signature, but they have suffered enough indiginities over the years to be thrown in with the likes of MLSE and Rogers
Screw chris rudge!!!! hey Argo

its not 50-100 years ago you asshat.... since 89 the riders have 1 CUP, the lions have 4....YeAh, the bombers have none,but they won the same amount Of cups between 84-90 as the riders have won in their entire history!!!!!
FYB...why not just join he green army you turncoat!!!! you are obviously a rider fan... You were happy when the lions lost to the riders....werent you?..

Apparently it = a promotion in tillman land :twisted:


meh. I was a rider fan once, as in the riders were my number one team during the Lancaster years from midway thru the 66 season until late 70's. Not ashamed of it. Since the days of tagge and then Fernandez, the lions have been my number one and the riders have bounced up and down from 2 to 4 trading places at times with argos and ticats. Not ashamed of that either. Actually, the riders have slipped to number 5 since huff started at Calgary, specially since Cornish first splashed on the scene. If the cup were anywhere else, I would be cheering for ticats, but this year, because the cup is in regina, I will be cheering for the riders. Not ashamed of that either. As for you accusation re the lions, again you just show your ignorance.

well that was no fun.. :frowning:
I was trying to get a rise out of you and failed misserably.. :frowning:

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You look at a lot of the posts on this forum in the last few days and the majority of them are from Ti-cat fans... Some of these fans are very respectful to all teams, very knowledgeable about the league, and very passionate about their team. Others are just trolls like Mr. Bungle here..

Although every fan can be proud of their favourite teams prior history, I believe that a Grey Cup win in the 1920's has little relevance on the game on Sunday.

I think Mr. Bungle is an angry person with some issues.... He attacks with negativity as a way of feeling good about himself. Just look at his reply... No respect and so defensive.

It was said the Grey Cup is a week to celebrate the history of football in Canada. I am all for Cheering loud and being proud of your team!! But show some class and be respectful of the other teams as well.

OBTW I am a Rider fan. I was a young kid when Kent Austin put that beautiful last minute drive together in 89 and Robo Kicker delivered! I can remember jumping for joy, as Kent Austin was my favourite player.

No disrespect to Kent Austin or Ti-Cat nation, but I will be cheering against my childhood football hero on Sunday. I bleed green! Always have, and always will.

Go Riders!