The Big Sign.

Saw an article about the Big Hamilton sign for out front of city hall and how the corrupt politicos fast tracked it. No bids. What ever happened to the TC sign near the QEW.

Well, the large "Hamilton" sign you speak of is being paid for by the city's movers and shakers. So no bids are required because the city is not paying for it.

As for the QEW sign, all advertising along 400 series highways is governed by the Province which was unwilling to compromise on this particular project. So that is moot.

I think if the sign was big enough and on a city road, like Eastport or something, it would be visible from the QEW and the province can suck an egg...In my opinion of course.

Drove past PIA today. 2 large electronic signs/billboards just installed, one along 401 the other 427. Both likely on airport property perhaps no more than 50m from the highway. What Toronto wants, Toronto gets I guess.

The province and Kathleen Wynne and her band of morons can suck eggs as well. Watch out folks more news in the future to "buy" your vote.