The big question....are we fans willing to gamble the season

It's a question that has to be asked....
Are we fans willing to gamble the starting draw ?

This should be interesting.... :thup:

It looks like I will be the first to answer...........YES.
Put Jason to the number#2 spot.
And start lose or draw...I think most fans would love it...and continue to support the team.

It's not about "we". It's about Taffe and his decision. The "we" is only about us going to watch them or not. If you are a football fan you will probably go. If you are a Tiger Cat fan you will probably go. If you are a fair weather fan you probably won't go. It's the fair weather fan that we need to keep the great attendance numbers up that we have enjoyed for the past few years. Saying that, to bring Chang in as the starter may generate the interest in the team again. I do believe that the interest is starting to wear thin for some of the fans.

For me, Maas's hook just got way shorter. Unless Chang is given his chance to start first, his opportunity will come after the first relief effort where he lights it up and the team pulls out a game. He will be the starter from that moment on, IMO.

Maas coming off the bench in relief wouldn't terrify me in that scenario -- in fact, given how backupology works, he might even become slightly popular with the "spewing venom from the Laz-E-Boy" crowd. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A 4-14 experiment in terror with Chang is more appealing than NOT developing him and watching a similar situation unfold as in '06. Methinks it would be a heck of a lot more exciting from purely an entertainment perspective!

As long as Taaffe shortens the leash, I would be cool with Maas starting for the time being. Chang has to be brought into salvagable games though -- I would not have batted an eye had Taaffe put Chang in to start the second half (although pulling Maas sooner in the third quarter would have been preferable). It's a question of finding a spark with a young team.

Oski Wee Wee,

oskial…I’ve just spent the last hour reading the postes from “the fans”.
People that buy the tickets and support the team. When “the fans” speak…it is heard…loud and clear…Bob Young…is no fool.

What makes it a "gamble"?

Great reply...oski-oui-oui.
Taaffe has to put Maas...on a much shorter rope...right to the number#2 spot...should he perform.."like that" again next week.

The Maas experiment is an unmitigated disaster, period.

The foregoing posts were submitted by the Jason Maas fan club.

Have you paid your dues for this year?


gambling means you have a chance to win and with maas not able to throw over 20 yards and no legs we should just go and bring Danny Mac back out off the sidelines and behind the center

Calm down, Danny could make a five yard run on the naked bootleg when he had a 20 yard head start.

Here's the way i see it.

Maas is the logical choice to start against a veteran Argo Defence next week while Timmy sits with Coach Taaffe discussing what is happening on the field.

If Jason cant punch the ball in or doesnt seem to be making the right reads... put Timmy in again sooner than last night (i.e. Halftime or before the game gets out of hand). A better performance by Timmy Chang will earn him the starting job the following week at home against Montreal... but looking at the schedule, if we dont win one of these next 2 home games, we then go to BC.

It better get figured out soon cause 0-5 will creep up.

Here we go again with this approach with cautious proven exercise in futility. Jason should be the one on the sidelines with Taafe discussing what's going on on the field, definately not Chang. Better yet, Maas should consult Chang on just that question. Maas ain't gonna work here. Painfully evident, but what good is evidence if you can't use it?