The Big One is coming

Final debate about Lansdowne has begun, with three councillors speaking in favour thus far.

Looking good. :thup:

My God, they're going on and already!

sounds like each councillor is gong to make a speech................what are they getting 20 minutes a piece
only 20 more to go!!

15-09 for! Same as before!


Ok, so now the next step is more debate on the details that go into each part of the concept that was approved?

I think it's more like integrating the three parts together nicely.

Super, wasn’t sure this would happen but the right thing has happened! :thup:

Now which of the three parts should be done 1st?

Can you do all three, and hope it gets done by say 2014? Or do you do it in phases, Stadium, Commercial, etc, to get the revenue flowing ASAP.

I imagine that a stadium could be done by 2012ish considering it is going to be considerable less flashy and barebones then the Bombers stadium scheduled to be complete for 2012.

Fantastic news! See you (hopefully) in 2013!

This is from the city's press release:

The approval means the project will now proceed to stage two, where integration of the mixed-used design and the proposed urban-park design can be completed. A master site plan will be developed and zoning approvals will need to be obtained.

Some amendments:

* Devoting $2.5 million in revenue from the project to uphold Ottawa’s affordable housing program;
* Responding to public opinion by keeping the community park that borders Lansdowne in its current form;
* Continuing the role of the Lansdowne Design Review Panel moving forward;
* Confirming that no land sales will be part of the project and that the City of Ottawa will continue to own Lansdowne;
* Affirming that the project will have a Farmers’ Square and that Lansdowne could be the site of a new home of the Ottawa Art Gallery;
* Requiring that traffic demand management practices be used in the redeveloped site; and
* Confirming the importance of bilingual services at Lansdowne.

Apprently, not messing with that park (the second point) is a $7M saving, so the Glebe can keep their little dump while the rest of us live in this millenium.


You can't see me, but I'm dancing :slight_smile: