Hey guys. I was watching a interview from The Big O (I tthink) on the weekend. I could have swore you had Astro Turf. Why did I see water sprinklers going off in the back ground.
I just didnt get it
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With all due respect, you may want to ask a doctor as to why you see sprinklers in your head.

Serious, the Als rented some field turf. Something you definately don't water down just for the fun of it.

and it looked real good, I might add, better than BC place.

Glad to know something looked good in Montreal this past weekend...

Are you sure the Al's rented FT ?

Wasn't that the old "Astroturf" we used for the 2003 East final....sure look like it.......

Guys, I am telling you they had sprinklers going in the back ground. A gal from TSN or Sports net was doing a wrap up of the game, and these 3 foot high sprinklers were watering. Its driving me nuts, anyone have any idea what they were doing?

yea..they DID have sprinklers goin on it after the game.....during interviews on TSN.

im assuming thats how they carpet-clean the spit off the field and remove advertisements....sprinkle it with water, then soap it up and scrub.

Maybe it was to rid the turf of Argos cooties...

if i were the Als, i'd want to catch those

I thought the turf they used was they had before the new stuff