The Big Man on TSN- Shultzy on our opener!

For the first time in 31 years, the CFL season opens in Hamilton. Kinda odd, isn't it? But hopefully it's a sign of a better year than the 3-13 record of 2007. The Ticats are young, real young with 20 new players and the majority of the rest having only two or three years of CFL experience. Learning from mistakes, and learning fast, is priority #1 in Hamilton. A good core is there but Casey Printers has to be a Top 3 quarterback and Jesse Lumsden must stay healthy. For Montreal, Thursday begins the Marc Trestman era for the Alouettes. Trestman has an impressive NFL background but has not been a head coach. However, general manager Jim Popp is exceptional at finding talent so he should also be able to find a good head coach. The Ticats are rebuilding and the Alouettes are experimenting. I like Montreal in a close one. MTL 23, HAM 18 8)

if printers is the real deal and plays up to that, I say cats win. Otherwise, naah

i picked the hammer....i suspect they will come outta the gates on fire.

casey and jesse wont have it any other way!!!

I pick the ticats...I will not give in to Montreal...We are going to fight for everything we get. Guys we must pull together and beat Montreal.... Ham 21 Montreal 18

I think Hamilton has a real shot at beating Montreal thursday. This is a big game for Hamilton IMO. The battle for third starts now.

Hamilton 24 Montreal 20

Indeed, DB -- the Als have a lot of walking wounded, so this is a prime opportunity for the Cats to get a win and start the season off right!

Oski Wee Wee,

Wow those are some NFL style final scores.
Hamilton 38, Montreal 32,

Respect to Shultzy. He has a good mind for football analysis. Unlike Dunnigan and Climie he looks at the team logically and is honest about their strengths and weaknesses. He is always insightful and rarely slants his reports one way or the other. He simply gives the truth...good, bad or ugly. However, he must've made a typo on the scores :thup:

both offenses struggle...montreal worse than hamilton due to new coaches from USA...cats win 14-10

That should work out in Montreals favour early on in the season though. going to go home, bleeding after this one. 18 points.


I'm liking the low scores. Slow starts with Setta field goals should give Hamilton 6 pt. lead at the half. Cats 19, Als 10.

this year the cats will have to fight
tooth and nail for every win they get
this year.
i say it will be a close one.
cats- 18
als - 16

I don't get it .. Montreal is Beat up.
No Payton No Calhoon no Thurman.. and He Still Picks the Al's

Ticats 24 - Al's 5

We are going to maul them, and make a statement. Jesse Lumsden scores at least a touchdown. Tiger-Cats by 14 points.

Ticats 27 Montreal 17

i have a good feeling about this one.. i mean the corwd is going to be crazy, every team hates us cuz we r nutz, montreal wont know wut to do after we make a big play and start screaming for murder... montreal jokes we win by 21

every team hates us cuz we r nutz, montreal wont know wut
or could it be the spelling and grammer they hate???
8) Agreed !!!!! :roll:

I'm a little worried. With little (or no) pressure on AC from the D-line, he could pick our secondary and LB's apart.

I think it will be close, but Setta will get something like 12 FG's (including the winer).