The Big Dog JoJuan Armour

Hay Stamps Fans
How is the Big Dog Doing ...
I miss taking to Him Here in the Hammer.
I was his #1 Fan Here in Hamilton.
I was Hoping the Ticats would Resign him
Still Mad Obie didn't make an Effort to do so.

You got a Great Guy and Even Better Linebacker.
Looking after Him for us Hamilton Fans who miss him.
Anyways When You See Jojuan Tell Big Dog
T From Hamilton who Always Came to Practices
Said Hi and Well See him back in Hammer Later this year

Calgary is now my #2 Favorit CFL Team..
I'll Be Cheering for you Guys unless your Playing Hamilton Of course

Working with Chris Jones, I think he will enjoy his time with the Stamps, of course he'll regret ditching the Als :lol:

JoJuan Armour was one of the best pick-ups the Stamps had this off-season. He is a dynamic LB with a great passion for the game and will make our D much better.

Happy to have him.
Dread the Red.