The Big Cat D!!

After watching Saturday nights home game against Saskatchewan it's great to see the Ti-Cats Defence starting gel with increased pressure on the QB's, sacks, forced fumbles and plays and the interceptions are back that helped our Defence
lead the league last season.

The Tiger-Cats have been underperforming in past games but have all the right players and tools under coach "O" to get the job done and lets keep the QB sacks and interceptions coming and this team could easily lead the league again with our defence.

Lets take the Hammer to Calgary next weekend!!


Saturday night was great, but I won't get too excited about shutting down the worst team in the league. Let's see what happens against Calgary.

I agree. Shutting down the arguably worst team in the League in your home field is not a mark of excellence.

Going to Calgary on an extended week, and, well, "handing them their collective dinks in a bag" before coming home and thrashing the Argo's would be a bit of a joy.

I'm looking at an OLine that is pushing off with a smile on its faces, a QB who is enjoying himself, recievers that are standing up and getting involved, a "D" that needs spend a lot less time on the field, and Reinbold,,,always in the back, and planning the next "trick play"...

Kittys are going to play a real team Sunday. Messam and Mcdaniels, is the backbone, if we can stop them, we have a "W"

Last season when Zach and the offense were white hot and rolling off big leads, the defense brought their own pain. Coach O's group was very opportunistic and aggressive. And they could afford to be when they had lots of points on the scoreboard to buoy them.

I see that happening again, now that we have our leader back.