The Big Bash Lyle Bauer Deserves

For what Lyle Bauer is doing for the Bombers, he truly deserves a big bash.

^ A right-wing citizens’ initiative is protesting against Germany’s largest mosque, which is being built in Cologne.

I've been to Germany. The people are still scarred from "change they thought they could believe in" (Hitler and the church). Islam is operating in a faithless vacuum there.

How this bizarre post connects to Lyle Bauer and the Bombers, I don't know. Maybe if an Islamic businessman was interested in buying the Bombers and building a gigantic mosque for them to play their games, it would make sense. It looks like we're going to get a synagogue instead.


This post has a lot to do with the actuality of its context. In reality, we're being faced with a (as I mentioned before) right wing dogmas, spear headed by an Asper ultimatum through the city's bureaucratic system. Which is the opposite, as in this case a stadium issue is in Winnipeg. People that don't want a new stadium being built, is much the same as the mosque in Germany. People with little faith (pro asper) engage in a pro-right wing division. Those against it see it as their right (as those opposing a mosque) to eradicate those vying for political favor (as in the case of Asper.) I think it makes perfect sense. Anti-mosque are not in fact anti-germans per se. I welcome any dispute over lack of clarity on my part; but it is hardly bizarre if you take the time to think. You realize it is democracy at work.