the big 300

i have hit 300, i have taken the longest out of anyone to hit this milestoone lol

so congrats to me,lol

How long till you post an intellegent one????
Bet ya set the record for that as well!!!!!!!

Has he spelled any of them correctly?

Where's the teacher? jm02 time to mark your student! How many of RNR posts are correctly spelled with proper grammar?

I believe by the time he hits 1000 he just might get one right!

sportsmen, ill save him a trip, i prob have had none that were all spelled correctly/. lol

Her a trip…jm02 is a she…

Not bad RnR you are getting good!

LOL. my keyboarding is probt he worst int his fricken forum to, but oh well.. you guys will have to deal with it , alllll next year to

Phew... When I saw that topic, I thought RnR was refering to how many payments are still to be done before my mortgage is over..

Its the keyboards fault
Ya that it
The keyboard

…I do believe it would take far too much time to count, so I will just take an educated guess…probably none…


.....that's.....kidding, kidding..... :lol:

Give back Kanga his keyboard... then you will do just fine :slight_smile:

300? 300? good for you mate, but I'm abou to hit 5300!!!! hahahaha!!!!