You probably need a 'Stamp' of approval on this though...

Ohhh, dibs on Click Chief Financial Officer, the man behind the vast network of Swiss accounts and laundered 20's that keeps the Click supplied in keyboards and high speed internet connections.

Quick, somebody call the Wwaaaaahmbulance for the OP

I think everyone ahead of me in the VGCC just has to belong to the CLICK

mpdid, as the Chief Financial Officer for the Click, maybe you should consider setting aside a sizeable chunk of the money in the Swiss account and offer it up as a prize for the first person to accurately guess when the o.p. will answer the following four questions, which he has so far ignored:

Well the thing is we are a little low on funds. I got this Tim's Card that has like $7.50 on it, think that will work?

Actually, Sambo's quote most likely answers R&W's first quote
IN fact, now that I look at it again, R&W's second Quote also seems to answer his first one, using inside mod knowledge of course. tsk tsk :slight_smile:

However, if OP has already been banned again, the correct answer is NEVER. I win :rockin:

...nope, Stamponthat created multiple fake news stories earlier this week after Bishop had been let go by the stampeders,,,

I see. He has been a busy little buggar. All that with only 21 posts.

Thought maybe you were able to match IP addresses or something.

I was so looking forward to Stamponthat's list, because a $7.50 Tim card just wont cover our expenses... we need to round out the list so we can collect some dues... Stamp, you can either list it here, or PM those names to our financial officer MP did... your co-operation in this matter will be much appreciated...

Regional Vice President,

(damn... I'm going to need a secretary... :lol: )

...we're sort of a matchmaker site too now eh?...

What about me, I second the Quote by jm02 :cowboy:

To the adults (25+ years olds) that post here. Gotta believe the moderators are probably 5th graders. It gives youngster a chance to be involved with the league. Who knows, maybe Scotia Bank is part of a program of having children work the boards here.

Isnt an adult classified as being 18 years old in this country?

and maybe in 5 yrs, you too can become a 5th grade moderator.

as for 25+ being adults, some people become senior citizens without ever becoming adults.

If all goes as planned, this will be my future.

And here I thought that was only a banning offence in the Bomber forum. It seems Rider and Bomber fans can come together on something. Who knew. :lol:

Note: I guess I'm assuming he meant the Roughriders forum since there isn't a Rough Rider forum.

I will happily answer the questions!

Firstly, yep I made a couple spelling grammar errors, thats a give in, and as we know on forums when people disagree with someone they look for things like that (part of my point is made there) AND if a poster happens to agree with your argument, you over look his mistakes, that`s life!

Actually I had a good laugh from the responses, no anger whatsoever!!! Really good belly laugh, in fact I have a good sense of humor, quite willing to laugh at my self, absolutely!!

And yes I have been banned multiple times on this forum, far to many times to recall even! I have NEVER attacked another member EVER, unless I was first attacked, and then only after biting my tongue for a very long time.

Yes I used the Fagggg word, my bad, but I was called insane by that poster first, for holing an opinion different than his, nobody cared about the Insane comment...I can hear ya saying, well you are right? You see its condoned if its a person that holds different opinions, absolutely.

I AM A DIE HARD CFL fan, I am not welcome on the forum because for some reason I hold many opinions that are not held by the majority I guess.

I could list my CFL hero`s, they include Russ Jackson,Ron Lancaster, Tom Clements, Joe Poplowski, Joe Barnes, Paul Pearson, Gil Fenerty Matt Dunigan, Gil Renfroe, Michael Bishop, Tank Laundry, Reggie Slack (because he had heart,played most of his career with injury and braces, tough son of a gun) Darnel Clash, I could go on and on.

I could care less what you guys think of me really, I just think it`s inappropriate to ban so many people...One guy said he was not familiar with people being banned, I have watched many banned, the mods know this is true.

Usually how it works is like this, someone holds a different opinion than yours, and they get ganged up on by a few of the regulars, next thing you know the guy/gal finally calls them out and he/she is banned.

Perhaps you truly hold the opinion that Dimwitty should replace Durant, that will not go over well (I have never said this) just saying if a guy went over there and suggested that, you would get swarmed, called every name in the book and mods would not step in for a personal attack, however when this imaginary poster finally fights back, he will be warned to watch his step, possible ban. Nothing will ever be said about the guy being called an idiot, mods do not care about that.

For the record I can handle being called names, but it is a double standard, you are required here to hold majority viewpoint opinions here or you are called out, no question about it.


If it was a private forum, that would be OK, I just thing the official CFL forum should be more democratic.

Why is it that many of the clubs on this forum, go a week without a post, quite often Argo section here goes without a comment for days at a time, Winnipeg,Sask, Hamilton probably the busiest. Calgary is dead, they are all over at

Why do you suppose that is?

I know the answer, it`s pretty much what I have already said.

No surprise that nobody agreed with my points, because they have already been banned or left because the forum is so bias.

Also very important to remember, the die hard online forum guys, do not reflect the average fans that watch and go to the games. How often I have read here that the average fan does not even understand the game.

Flutiemania in Buffalo,not a NFL fan with exception of following Flutie`s entire NFL career. On the Buffalo Bills main forum in 1998/1999/2000, vast majority of the posters wanted Robbery Johnson to start, they refereed to Flutie as a joke even though the fans in real life were going nuts for Flutie, buying Flutie Flakes etc. Nothing Flutie did was good enough for them.

The Nation for the most part saw it differently, so I comfort myself that way, in that you guys for the most part do not represent the average fan that attends and watches the games.

Take Michael Bishop for instance, he is MOSTLY hated in a real spooky way here, really over the top, you would almost think he hit your sister with his car while drinking, pretty nasty stuff, same deal for Mike Kelly. Both of these guy demonized by the lame Canadian sports press, and you guys bought into it hook line and sinker.

Yes the Official CFL forum has been hijacked by aprox 100 people, if that. It`s not winning fans over or people that may on occasion hold different points of view.

Anytime I was banned it was only from being pushed and attacked into it, I never attacked a person for holding a differnt point of view.

Yes this forum is a joke, and I think it should become more democratic. The 100 or so full time posters are not benefiting the CFL in any way shape or form, it`s just a small group, same people year after year, meanwhile other private forums are leaving the CFL forum in the dust, this is Stamps etc etc etc

Michael Bishop is a 35 year old with a career 50.9 completion percentage and 5.1 interception percentage.

It's not people hating Michael Bishop. I don't hate Michael Bishop. He just sucks.

Why anyone would be surprised that suggesting a team bring in a guy with those kinds of numbers would be met with significant backlash and considered trolling is beyond me.

If you call that answering questions, then you far off the mark... so to repeat...

  1. What was your former nickname that was banned?

  2. So who are the 'hot 100' ?

BTW... its not "give in" its given...