This CFL fan forum has been hijacked by about a group of perhaps 100 people, that make up the rules as they go along, and only allow opinions in line with theirs. I am speaking of the entire forum as a whole and it has been like this for years now. How many people have been chased away over the years? Some sections go weeks without any posts, private team forums have been forced to start own forums not affiliated with the CFL because of the bias forum here. Its really become a joke.

I am finally going to sit down and write a letter (snail mail) to the CFL head office about this site and what a downright joke it is, just the overall tone. Many die hard CFL fans here are banned or have posts removed. If there was a way to show just how many CFL fans have been banned, it would be an eye opener

My oldest brother for instance, signed up a few years ago, a moderate fan, his passion for the CFL is not what it was some years ago, but still a fan. He signed up, getting ready for the CFL season, and was Not banned, but had his first post removed, they did not like his opinion. Just the tip of the Ice burg. He never came back.

Over on the Rough Rider forum, even the mention of Mike Kelly in passing is a threat of banishment, not to mention Bishop.

The mods are not fair and balanced, all opinions should be allowed, it`s really gotten out of hand. I will address my very polite well written letter to the CFL office, copy to the Commissioner as well. Am sure I will be mocked for this, but you know that will only help prove my point .

Now if the CFL forum was say not affiliated with the CFL, that would be fine to run a biased unbalanced forum, it`s a free country, but the CFL official forum should be open to ALL fans and ALL opinions, even when these opinions go against the moderators of the day.

The only way I see this forum becoming fair and balance is to remove the moderators. Am NOT talking about removing current mods to replace with new mods, that would not help I do not believe.

The way the moderation currently works, it only feeds into the culture of corruption here, really just is not working.

It would be better just to limit moderation to personal attacks and bad language. But it has to be fair, the way it is now personal attacks are fine on people that hold "unpopular opinions" shall we say.

I realize it`s hard to find unbiased people, how many people are unbiased, non partisan, probably impossible. So are better off limiting moderation to personal attacks, even personal attacks on a poster that is not with the "in crowd" here.

And if that can not be done, better off with no mods even.

The CFL official forum should be interested in one thing only, bringing new people to the great CFL game, and not banning them because they hold a different opinion than the small click of regular posters here.

Just look at the mocking I will receive for this post, assuming first that the mods do not just remove it.

Absolutely going to write that letter over the next few days.

....geez, for a guy that has been a forum member for what? 19 days, you sure seem to have some personal wouldn't be a past member banned for some reason or another would you?...

...when you do write your letter be sure you tell the CFL brass about the (archived in the moderator section) fake news stories you made up and posted on multiple forums....excluding this bit of truth would be biased don't you think?...

So, you think 100 or so “hijack” this forum… are you brave enough to name names? Lets see who the hot 100 are… :roll:

Just wondering, in your "very polite well written letter to the CFL", as you call it, are you going to refer to the forum moderators as "gaayy" like did in reference to some of the comments in the Argos forum?

I am a die hard CFL fan, have been posting here for years and years. What`s wrong with a bit of clean humor from time to time. Regardless of me, does not change the FACT that MANY CFL FANS have been banned from this site because of perhaps holding a different opinion.

As for calling someone a --- in retaliation only after being called insane first? Which is worse? Who is going to decide which is worse, you guys? What about censorship?

But here we guys are the CLICKS IN CROWD that I was referring to, it`s not supposed to be "YOUR FORUM" but ALL CFL fans forum

I am not aware of anyone being banned on that basis. I stand to be corrected.

I am aware of, and concur with, a poster being banned for making up false news stories; for pretending to be a friend of Steven Jyles' wife; for posting a picture of a bare chested woman; for threatening other posters; and for making up the kind of inane nonsense that our old friend McMahon used to treat us to. .. whatever became of him anyway? In a demented sort of way, I kind of miss the guy. . .

Censorship doesn't protect you from the consequences of hate speech.

I'm not a member of any clique (not "click", might want to keep this in mind for your letter) on this forum, at least not that I'm aware of.

Me thinks someone was wearing a tinfoil hat when they started this thread.

I’m wondering if I’m on the Hot 100. I’d love to be part of the secret cabal that runs this forum. (So secret, that none of us even know about it.) We’ll need a name for our group; any suggestions?

Go on the NHL forum at Sportsnet ( doesn't or didn't have a forum site last time I checked) and you'll see similarities with posters controlling the discussion. The way it is with online forums I think. And it's no big deal, the way life works, families work this way, business etc.

So i fyou have been here for years and years, tell us your other nickname...

As for calling someone a Faggg in retaliation only after being called insane first? Which is worse? Who is going to decide which is worse, you guys? What about censorship?
If you read the forum rules, personal insults are not tolerated...but if you have posted here for years, you would know that...
But here we guys are the CLICKS IN CROWD that I was referring to, it`s not supposed to be "YOUR FORUM" but ALL CFL fans forum
Clicks in crowd? If you spell so horribly in your "polite and well written" letter to the CFL office... I would think it will find its way to a trash bin in just a few seconds... if Cohon can split the uprights to the trash can 50ft away... :wink:

...I think the 'clicks' may be the sound of the tin foil someone alluded to earlier.....Certainly there's bias...I don't think there's a fan on here who doesn't have the best interest of their team at heart...As for bias showing up in ones own general personal opinion....I've seen it on here BUT i've also seen a lot of latitude granted with respect to commentary...I don't think your assessment of this site is accurate....sorry stamponthat... :roll:

You are on the Hot 100 list for that post papa... :lol:

Basically, I think the rule is, you disagree with the OP, you're on the Hot 100, until such time as 100 people have disagreed. Executive positions for the Hot 100 are given according to order of response. RedandWhite is president, Sambo42 is regional vice president for Saskatchewan, etc., etc.

I post like, 4-5 times a week at most on these forums. I'd hardly call myself a part of any "cliques". I have seen plenty of disagreements on the boards. In fact, there was one incident I recall seeing where a member (who shall remain nameless) was spamming on the Alouettes board making post after post seemingly only for the sake of arguing. EVEN THEN, the moderators were fairly lenient with him and continued to let him post, despite being very disruptive on the boards.

I have never felt ostracized or oppressed by anyone on these boards. I might just be clueless, but I sincerely don't think these "cliques" you're making reference to exist, and I have no qualms with any of the site's moderators either.


it doesn't quite go that far, however, most mentions of Kelly/Bishop, given that it's universally known how useless they are, are in statements by people that constitute trolling. which is against the forum rules. just because the CFL forums are one of the few that actually enforce these rules doesn't mean they are biased.

hey, you honestly think there would be this many posts on a forum when everyone has the exact same opinion?

p.s. just posting to ensure my spot in the Hot 100

I want in on this.

Tonight on 60 Minutes:

The CFL 100. A shadowy group who hide within the dark vast recesses of the world wide web. Affectionatly known only to themselves as the 'Click', They use their power and influence to silence the voices of Canadian Football fans on the official league forums. Who are the people behind this conspiracy and what sinister goal drives them to their madness?

All this and more tonight on 60 minutes.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

And we have our name!