The betting line for this weekend

BC minus 8 over/under 54
Toronto minus 6 over/under 45.5

What does that mean?

As much as it pains me, Id take Saskatchewan. 8 points is way too much. I expect a close game, a field goal wins it.


No bias here... :wink:

Come on jman, your a betting man how would you play it. I'd take BC to cover the spread and the over. With To game I'd say TO doesn't cover the spread and that the game is under.

Neither team covers the spread and both will be under.

Well, in the last few years, when the Riders and Lions play, it is usually very close. I think it will be a pretty close game either way. And I think the game will be high scoring.

As for the Toronto/Winnipeg game... I want Winnipeg to win, but I think Toronto is playing some great ball right now. So I'll take Toronto. And if Toronto wins, it will be the under..

So to clarify:

Saskatchewan +8.....Over
Toronto -6.....Under.

PS, how did you know I was a betting dude?