The better team won last night!

Clearly, based on winning record this year, BC is the better team, so YES, the better team won. I haven't watched many BC games this year, but if they have the zebras on their side every game like they did last night, it is no wonder they are the best team in the league. Until the end of the fourth, the reffing wasn't too bad other than an obvious pass interference on Thurmon in the endzone that went uncalled and a few missed holding calls on both sides of the ball. But the fourth quarter was a gong show. Say what you want about me and "all Rider fans", but on a third down gamble we not only stopped BC, we gave them a loss of yards. There was blatant movement on the line however..... and movement was called..... only they called it on Benefield when clearly, even before the replay verified it, the BC lineman..... that is the offensive lineman, not to be confused with the ref lineman who was clearly on their team...... was the one who jumped early. So now, rather than being our ball, they get a first down and go on to score. THEN......... on our next possession, 2nd and inches we get called for procedure because O'Day picked up the ball...... HOW CAN HE SNAP IT IF IT IS NOT IN HIS HANDS?!?!?!?!?!?!? So rather than 1st and 10 it is 2nd and 5. Granted we should have converted on 2nd and 5, but we shouldn't have had to. We should have got the first down and continued to punch away at the clock. So go ahead, say what you will, but I am right!

Go Riders!! It is a long way up hill from here!

You cant move the ball before the snap.

You guys got bucked, not *ucked.

I didnt see the game last night but from what I am hearing about pciking up the ball the problem is this.
You said how can he snap the ball is it is not in his hands? He cannot pick up the ball and put it back down. He cannot FAKE the snapso to speak. Again I didnt see it but it sounds like that is what happened

They say the last gasp of a losing team is to blame the refs.

fanforlife, who do you cheer for?

By the way do you suppose Geroy Simon's 51 yard catch in double coverage to the 1 yard line helped? What about the clutch catches by Claremont and Thelwell on those last two drives, not to mention Buck Pierce's runs. To say the Leos are 9 and 0 because the ref's might be on their side is major crying towel material. I recall that two thirds of the Rider fans polled chose Greene over Burris as the best QB. I laughed at that one. Burris was not guaranteed the starters job so he went to a team that wanted him as their no. 1 guy. Nealon Greene is not the answer so stop crying about the refs. Did the Riders lose their 4 straight games prior to this one because of the refs?

I cheer for the Leos, Bombers and Renegades. So what? The Lions had to put together not one, but two late drives to win. With a third string QB.

Notice how the Rider fans forgot to mention the objectionable conduct call BC got in the last minute to extend the last gasp drive? Select memory.

The Rider fans should have listened to CHRM Play by Play guy. He was on Sports talk last night and he had a great insight to the Rider problems. NEALON GREANE! As long as Barrett and Shivers keep going with Nealon they will not improve.

Saskatchewan should have put BC away in the first half with all those turnovers. They failled to capitalize! That falls completely on Greane. Both defenses played well. Both Kickers had blemishes. But when you add it up BC's Third string Quarterback outplayed Saskatchewans starting QB.

As my Grandsons Football coach tells his players. If you let two calls (Refs or not) decide your game, then you are not a very good football team.

AGAIN...............SASK. missed 2 FGS .........couldn't score in the RED zone most of the game and the SASK..........defence couldn't stop B.C. at the end of the game= B.C......................WINS!

It is just that simple.

If there is 35 seconds left in the game and Saskatchewan is scrimmaging the ball with Burris taking the snap I'm sweating. Even if they have a long field to go. With Greene I know what every defence in the CFL knows....he's not going to pick you apart with the long ones. He's too predictable and his arm is limited.

Hey the Riders a much better team than what we're seeing. In fact they have a kick butt line-up of talent. EXCEPT Nealon Greene. With him at the controls the rest of the offence is less effective.

They have a good defense, Offensive line, good receivers,need a better QB

Actually, I was quite pissed of about that call. It should have been unnecessary roughness against the guy that tackled Holmes out of bounds which is a 15 yard penalty rather than only 10. And it didn’t extend our drive, it just put us up 10 yards of the kick return. Select memory my ass! Open your god-damned eyes.

And I agree with you cflfanforlife, we need a QB. Our lack of a QB however, doesn’t excuse the fact that the refs can assist in taking away our win.

Prescribe a Valium for yourself Dr. Rise. Get plenty of rest and get over it.

I'm tryin'. Believe me. It is hard when I spend all the money on season tickets and drive in every game from toon town to watch..... whatever this is. It is really frustrating. And yes, I am wrong to say that the refs gave them that game, but anyone who says they didn't help just doesn't like to see the Riders' side of an argument. We were up by 10 points with ~6 minutes on the clock and stopped them on a 3rd down gamble. Our ball. But the refs gave it back to them by making the WRONG call. There are no ifs, ands, buts, or maybes about it. It was Procedure on the lineman! Yes, we should have been able to stop them with their fresh set of downs, but we shouldn't have had to. And yes, we shouldn't have allowed another late game drive and we did. So no, the refs didn't win this for BC, but they should have at least been given honourable mention when picking the offensive game star for BC.

said it at the beginning of the season and I'll say it again ......Riders do not have a quarterback......Nealon proves it time and again....wake up Riderville till you answer that big problem your troubles won't end.....keep Greene in there and you might just give the Bombers the lift they're lookin for..... :!:

They called him offside because he picked up the ball and moved it ahead of where it was marked, its the oldest center trick in the book and never gets called, i guarantee every center in every league minor or pro does this, and actually your not allowed to pick up the ball, your told to keep the nose of it on the field. all this is taught at a young age in various camps.

P.S- I can’t believe you guys blew this win… up 15-5 with thier 3rd string qb in, man would you guys like to scrimmage with the pee-wee football team i coach? I’ll tell them to go easy on your secondary.

the best defence is a good offence ! after BC 1st touchdown Nealon and company couldnt move the ball to run down the clock so that BC didnt have time to score the second td??
for the labourday classic?????????????? Danny had beter take a good look at his chosen one and realise that as a starter he is 3 and 6 so its time to start Crandell??????????????????????????
NEALON CANT GET THE JOB DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't the refs fault we lost (for whoever believes that) it's not being able to capitalize on the chances given to us by our defence. Bush returns the ball to about the 15 and of course we come away with no points. Then McCallum hit the goalpost (which I actually called when the Riders started that drive) after yet another stalled drive. THe Rider defence played great but couldn't hold B.C.'s third string qb when it mattered. And coaching killed us, DB should have called a timeout when B.C. had the ball on the one yard line with 49 seconds left. And enough of the shotgun draw play that we see 10 times a game.

Basically a 3-6 team found a way to lose and a 9-0 team found a way to win.

Being only a game behind Calgary though we still have somehope left, our offence just has to play better and our coaching has to improve.

Roughyfan ...based on that performance against the Lions... I wouldn't be looking at the Stamps. right now what you should be concerned about is a Wpg. team ....home and home.....should be good.... could mean the season for both clubs.... :smiley:

For the record, I picked this game as the game the Lions might take their first loss. I expected a high scoring game and thought the Leos would play well and the Riders would play even better and hungrier. As it turns out the Leos offense was flat and the Green defence was tough for 54 minutes. The BC defence deserve kudos for sure, as well. The Leos were ripe for the pickin if the Riders had their offensive "A" game. It's not often you get to play against the opposing teams third stringer. The Riders are a good team and need to regroup for Labour Day. If they lose the next two I really feel for them. It should not have been. With Burris they're in at least second place this year. Now I will shut up about Burris. Enough said.