The Bet

O.K. you rider fans.You know the bet.
If you are going toaccept the challenge.Post your name on this thread.The other one was getting to hard to keep track!!!
11 more days!!!

I do not believe that the bet is actually solidified. Here is my recollection of the bet that I proposed. Riders win, Saskargo does not post for a week. Riders lose, the three Riders that sign on must admit that Saskargo was right about our team's chances of winning and that Toronto is the best/better (one or the other).

Let us solidify the bet first. What do you think Saskargo?

Your pretty close riderfanatic,
However I didn't agree to be off this site for a week.
I don't think you rider fans would want that either.Why you may ask/Wouldn't you want to shove it down my throat for a week?
I said I would be a rider fan towards the ones who accepted my challenge!!!

I think you should have to just not be a completely biased individual towards the riders completely. regardless if they are in the bet. Plus you have to say you were wrong. In Return we will say that you were right, and are the "queen of bash" for a week.

"I said I would be a rider fan towards the ones who accepted my challenge!!!"

creates a loop hole for you, and I am not prepared to accept that.

oh and I am in

Well Billy,
I will be a rider fan towards all riders who make this bet.
Think about it.If the rules go the way you would like them.

All those cowards would win either way!!!
It just goes to the ones who bet!!!
Oh by the way Billy.I noticed the cheap shot you gave me the other day.
Calling me a loser for being home on a Saturday night.Well that is all your fault.
My husband went out with your husband to watch the riders barely win!!!

ur an idiot. And i would really appreciate it if you would stop the slander. You made multiple statements saying Rider fans had "no balls" because nobody had signed up to this bet. So I told you the truth and said I had better things to do then be on here on a saturday night. You come back the only way you can, by calling me Gay. What are you 12??

What kind of role model will you be if you have children??

Oh and as far as the bet goes. I am not in if you are allowed to trash the riders to non betters. I have to tell everyone that you are right, so you should have to do the same.

Like I said before.All yap.No Balls.
Billy I thought you were a woman. It wasn't a gay shot!!!

you are taking the cowards way out of this. with more name calling. How are you still allowed to post this crap??

Seriously. . .does every thread like this have to turn into a fight? It's getting old, fast. . .

Your right jm02,
Can't we all get along.LOL
Anyways Billy.If you have so much faith in your riders you would take the bet.
I think I'm pretty fare on this one.Remember I'm going against all rider priders.
I'm putting more on the line!!!
Take it ,and prove me wrong!!!

lets go!!!


SHAME on all you rider fans that don't accept my bet!!!SHAME ON YOU!!!
You yap all year round. I prove your facts are wrong.Then you comeback and say I don't know anything.That is the best you can come up with.You don't argue my points.Why don't you argue my points?Because you can't.
Then a rider fan(TVOR,I think) makes a challenge to me.I accepted it.I'm not one to take the COWARDLY way out.
I took the challenge and made it into a bet.
Out of a 100 rider fans on this site.Only 5 accepted.I give credit for those 5.
Then You get the ones crying,that isn't fare.I think it is very fare.
Let see.1 Argo fan against 100 rider fans.Come to think of it.I think it is not fare to me.However,I will accept the bet.
Shame on you rider fans that don't take the Challenge.Just proves that I defeated you once again!!!
Come on and have some fun!!!This is what it is all about!!!!

. . .sidenote, saskargo. . .you're not likely to entice a lot of Rider fans to make a "friendly" wager against you if you repeatedly mention how you think they are "shameful". . .

Just trying to get them in the bet.
Just imagine, Saskargo a rider fan!!!
Jm02,Just want the riders to show how loyal they say they are!!!
I'm also trying to have a little fun.It has been 2 years of bashing going on.

Long time no talk Spankee.
How about you.Going to take the bet?
You know it is all in fun.
You also know I probably wouldn't rub it in as much with you.
How is the little one?

Biily you are right for the first time.Well sort of.....
Your right,I will bash every rider on this site WHEN my ARGOS win.
However,Whoever takes the bet.I will be more mellow with them.At least,they support their team.

Hey saskargo.

i am in.....
Go Riders....

maybe we could add a clause where the losers have to post a pic of themselves in facepaint of the other team on the sight as well or something.

What the hell. I am in. Not really much to lose since I would probably tell you you were right if we lose anyway. And since we aren't going to lose that makes it all the better. All will be answered in 11 short days :smiley:

Go Riders!!

Good Luck Dr.Rise.
Thanks for the bet!!!!

Lets see now.
Dr.Rise-Not much to rise,give him credit for betting.
Tvor-He can yap,at least he bets.
Riderfinatic-Sucker for punishment.
Who else is there?