the best

Wow , just calculating all the positive plays tonight , just want to say I think we have the best Canadian talent in the league!

I agree with you Lions1 and I'm not saying that because the Lions beat Calgary. We have a lot of new guys. Sometimes it takes longer to gel but THAT is what they are doing. When we lost Yonus Davis because of some stupid decisions he made I thought, "Oh what do we do?" Davis was suppose to replace Mallet and Logan who went to the NFL. And then comes along Tim Brown. Kudos to the scouting staff on that one.

With Paris Jackson out with an injury, Geroy was getting too much attention. Foster was not being utilized properly and Gore seemed to be ball shy. Now Gore rarely drops a ball thrown in his direction, Foster is being utilized better and we have Arland Bruce who has been a fantastic addition. Everyone of these guys [plus one or two more] are serious threats and makes Geroy lethal.

McCallum is threatening to break the record for most consecutive field goals in a season- again! He came within 4 of the record last year. 7 more and he breaks the record.

The Lions are challenging the Bombers for the sack lead and may well overtake them with players like Mitchell, Elimimian, and Hunt. The O Line is beginning to look sharper. And I cannot say enough about Travis Lulay's improved play. Should we really be surprised?

If the Lions can stay healthy I can see them making a run at top spot with a final being played at B.C. Place. If for some reason they start going on a losing streak then they'll just have to cross that bridge if/when the time comes.

The Lions next two home games are against Edmonton and Calgary. They demolished Edmonton 33-1 last time they met and beat Calgary tonight in convincing fashion. The Lions have put the CFL on notice! I think they really want to be in the Grey Cup and play before 60,000+ rabid fans in late November. Wouldn't that be a sight? But first things first. They need to beat Saskatchewan in Saskatchewan next week. :rockin:

Yes we do have the best Canadian Talent in the CFL-- All of our Canadians are fast-- Lee, Harris, Gore, Foster, are all speedsters.

I hope we can get the DOME FIELD advantage and beat Edmonton and Calgary--

Calgary is much better on the road, but bottom line is we cannot lose to HENRY BURRIS, we just cannot, he is one of the worst drop back passers ever to play football. He has no accuracy, you are seeing teams smashing CALGARY at home because Burris just cannot do it--

Also calgary is old on offense, Romby Bryant is finished, Nick Lewis is not explosive, Rambo is not elite anymore--

I think EDMONTON will be our biggest challenge-- Edmonton has the defense, and the offense with Stamps, to compete with us-- I think we will be fairly even vs Edmonton- IF we can smash their O line then we will beat Edmonton easily--

SASK I think we are still better than likely--

WOW Gridiron,
You have a "Hate On" for Burris, very much like my own "Hate On" for Angus Reid and Dean Valle! LOL
Yes........the Lions have won the last 4 games, three of which, were played against Weak or Hurting teams, at the time!
Ya......we beat Calgary yesterday, but......we are still not even close, to being a First place team.... one, deserving all of this premature praise.
"Momentum" is what we have on our side, right now.
May be,......but.....our O Line......still Stinks!
Us Lions Fans,.......are all on the Band Wagon, at the or two mistakes or injuries, and our season is Finally done!
If you have not noticed, each and every team, is getting better and stronger.....including us.
If you hadn't noticed......Calgary has some pretty good Young Canadian kids on that team, as well.
The Season is a long one........let's see.....what you all have to November. lol

Sorry but Sask has us beat in terms of Canadian talent. We all love this run we're on but we have to be a little realistic.

Did nobody else see Getzlaf's game right before ours on Saturday? Is nobody else worried that Fantuz is due to find his old form? Heck, Clermont maybe a backup but he's still a beast.

Not that I'm trashing Gore and Foster, but with Simon and Bruce out there whom do you think the defence is keying on?

Can't say anything bad about Harris, I'm a big fan.

Paul Mcallum and Brent Johnson are non imports