The best receiver for the Cats in 2006 was..

The best receiver for the Cats in 2006 was... Mike Morreale. I dont care if he's 36, 23 or 103yrs old. He made some great catches when he was used. I think he should be kept around because he has the Ticats in his blood.

Terry Vaughn with out a Question

they all sucked, id say peterson if i really had to choose

I hope you're not talking about "incompleterson"

Peterson and Morreale...

Vaughn pissed me off with his attitude... and Flick was visible for maybe one game.

Ralph had one unbeleivable catch, and then disappeared.

I can't believe how many personal buddies Morreale must have who post on this website (or maybe it's Morreale himself, using a handle to mask his identity?). If you say Morreale (who had virtually no touchdowns or 100 yard games all year, and who was invisible for most of the season, too) is our best receiver, you are simply out of your mind.

Vaughn didn't have a banner year, but he certainly made more key catches in tough situations than any other Ticat receiver.

We virtually have 1 receiver who would make every other teams roster in the CFL, and it is more because of his “Canadian birth certificate” and “tools”, and “potential” than anything.
Brock Ralph.

No receiver had a good year, perhaps because our QB had an awful year.

Lets ramp up the receivers.
Say good bye to good guy Flick, and 1000 yard machine Vaughn.
Bring in some new talented faces.
We have failed miserably in producing an impact import WR since maybe we brought in Tony Miles, and promptly traded him away to the enemy!

but see nobody has seen #81 Ian Fleming then again we only used him for 2 -5 games this season

No black and gold I personally think our QBs had a bad season because of who we had at the OTHER end of the pass . They were small , gutless and had no desire to get balls that other recievers in the CFL would at least make valiant efforts to catch .

  How many times did DD throw deep balls to a covered  Geroy Simon that he came down with and made Dickenson look brilliant for calling that play ?? Same in Calgary with thier recievers and ALL the other teams in the CFL EXCEPT Hamilton . No other team in the CFL would trade thier recievers for ours and that just about tells the story right thier doesnt it ? Dejardins even stated that our number one priority this season is RECIVERS !!!!!

Brock Ralph was highly touted and at times looked pretty good . But how many times does a guy have to go offside before he learns that it`s a penalty ? I really dont think his heart is here and I hope he has a better attitude next season if he plays here !!!!

no one jumps out at me this year

I think both the QBs and the WRs were to blame this season. Let's lather on the blame, because everyone deserves a lot of it.

well ok ppl it is every player on da team because they were just thinking about themselves not as a team

Best Receiver...Terry Vaughn...not because he had a great year; he didn't. He is amazing after the catch. It's a sad commentary that a perrenial 1000 yard man comes to the Cats and barely breaks 500. Terrible offensive system, period. Let's move on. D.J. is a great athlete. Another victim of a horrible system. Everyone else can be cut. Besides, Lancaster took care of cutting all the other good receivers. If you want to get right down to it, CRAIG YEAST was actually the best receiver on this team this year and he was axed because...well, we've seen it happen over and over again with a certain coach. Kwame Cavil could have been an come he never got on the field? Oh's really getting embarrasssing year after year to be a Cat fan. In fact I didn't watch any games after labour day - well ok, it's because I didn't have a t.v. where I was living this fall. But, it was for the better :lol:

I’d have to agree with the original poster…and add that it says way too much about how bad this year’s team was.
I dont have the numbers to back up my point but I would say he caught a greater percentage of balls thrown to him than the rest of the group…even when he knew he was being led into no-man’s land.

All of the above being said…I may be completely off track, I’ve been trying hard to erase the 06 season from my memory.

Why did we release Kahlill Hill? He was an impact player...especially on returns. Size, speed and hands.
Couldn't we have just fined and or benched him?

Very simple Bad Attitude

He miss a play Fight and Cause lock room Problmes.
Even ask Marcell about his Contact before his was up.

well the story i heard is that Hill tried to hit on Robichaud like tried to give him a kiss