The BEST quarterback should start the season.

I think it's a mistake to assume Casey Printers is the automatic starter this season. He sould be put in the same category as Jarious, Travis, and anyone else vying for the job. To assume it's his to loose - I think, causes Printers to be less hungry and earn his spot. Just my opinion.

or perhaps it will continue to be a case of the heathiest QB will start

He doesn't have to earn it. Buono has long since made it public that Printers is the #1 guy so unless he played like a crippled groundhog during training camp, he has the spot.

that and if he isnt named starting starter, he would probably pout and sulk and ......

That's just it! It's like Wally thinks he owes Casey, or something (perhaps for not starting him in the Grey Cup game?). Yeah, he did put up some good stats during the final few games last year, but so did Jarious and Travis when they were healthy. Truth is - I hope Wally prooves me wrong.

I don't think Wally feels beholding to Printers at all. In fact I remember before Printers was invited to join the Lions late last season Wally was asked if he would consider having Printers on board. He said it would be like playing Russian Roulette to have Printers playing for the Lions. Obviously he changed his mind and I think he is glad he did.

Wally will start who he thinks is at the top of his game. When a team stinks out the joint it is the coach that usually gets axed. Wally has a vested interest in who he starts. He is not in-expendable. He will factor in pro experience and how healthy the QB is. Jackson can be brilliant but he's inconsistent. Lulay can be very good but lacks experience and makes his share of mistakes. I still believe with the right team backing him up Printers can be a star QB. Let's remember that last year Hamilton was red hot and Printers et al still eliminated them.

As far as Printers pouting and sulking I think he has come a long way in his pro sports life. I'm not seeing that attitude. People do change for the better. Sure, there may still be some cockiness but most pros show that attitude. It is not always an unhealthy thing.
Printers in my opinion has the best chance of taking the Lions all the way. He is not perfect but he is the best they have. He is versatile, agile, has the throwing arm and is learning not to panic. The other guys will play important roles for sure.

printers may or may not have his head on straight, but what worries me about him on field is, has his reads greatly increased.

You got that right! I know you meant "have" his reads improved but hey, nothing got lost in the translation. :lol:

:oops: :oops:

I blame it on my meds and being up way past my bedtime :slight_smile:

I hope for the best for Printers. But i tend to disagree that he is agile. Since his return to the league I feel he’s lost some of that. He appaears stiff, upright and slow to some degree. He’s bigger but far less agile and athletic. But hes still has talent and Wally has seemingly convinced himself that he can be a leader.

I am still not convinced about this whole Printers thing. From his limited play last week he still seems to be scrambling around trying to make some kind of play. But hey the season has not started, I agree the healthy QB should start. So why after limited play did Printers have a morning off to rest his arm?? Lulay didn't! Lets just see how things work out this season.

See you all at Empire Field this Sunday!!! :rockin:

Printers will be fine, was anybody watching him last year did you not see him in that Hamilton game, the sask game, and even the Calgary game, he has huge signs that his magic is still there, he has to get the right protection, if he does we will be the mvp this year, if he does not than he will run around and make plays , yes he made a bad decision on that throw to Geroy in the sask game, and it was not his fault when we lost to Calgary, in fact he scored the potential winning touchdown to Paris Jackson, our defense could not hold them, and even the Sask game our defense could not hold them.

The Hamilton, game he was outstanding if we all remember.

So i say he is the best we have, know that he has a whole training camp behind him. i bet he will be that much better, yes this Sundays game will be a big test for him, on how our season will start in Edmonton, i quarrantee you that it will not be like it was for the last 2 years were Buck was getting his head knocked off.

I'm a new guy on board, and i just want to say hello to all the Lions fans.....I read alot of you guys post on here all the time, and i really enjoy myself when i read what some of you guys have to say about the players.....But on this one i will have to agree with dupsdell.....He hit the nail right on the head. Printers can't play defense too, he only has one job to do, and that's drive his team down the field and score. Now having said that im also a big fan of Lulay, and Jackson as well. I've been watching these guys for a very longtime as well. I think we have QB's who can get the job done, and as a lions fan i'm very happy to say that. Because i know for a fact a team like Toronto would love to have our problem....Don't you agree???? Once again i love this board, i love these fans and god bless you all.... GO LIONS!!!!!

Yeah thanks.... I had almost started to forget about the 2009 situation. The biggest question so far for me is not what to expect from the pivots, but what to expect from the protection.

That is Casey just being Casey - Forget the designed play, run around in the pocket, then throw the ball at Geroy (regardless of coverage). I find it surprising that everybody sees something different.

The limitations of a pure pocket passer are quite clear when you look at Dave Dickenson or Buck Pierce. Having somebody who can improvise is huge.

and yet, austin and kerrigan were quite successfull, just to name a couple.

You're serious right? You can criticize Dickenson for being injury prone; but in terms of making the ball move and winning football games, he is one of the best QB's I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

with all due respect to DD, you havent been watching very long then

I am serious. He is a very smart QB, makes lots of great decisions and is extremely efficient.

HOWEVER, that is if he is in the pocket and has time. If either of those two requirements aren't there, he is in trouble. He simply could not evade tacklers and suffered for it.

I'm a new guy on board, and i just want to say hello to all the Lions fans

Player00 - on behalf of the monkies thanks for your kind accolades. You have an obvious astute ability to appreciate true talent and we will look forward to your analysis as the Lions lead us on to Football Glory.